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RE: Tipsy Thoughts - Jordan Peterson on Patriarchy and Rules of Sex

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Regarding acceptable behavior for sexuality, back when the #metoo thing started, and then the anti-#metoo thing started, I saw a great quote from someone in HR at a company, but unfortunately I do not remember the exact quote or source.

The gist of it was that a man had approached HR and said that he needed clarification on whether hugging a coworker is OK or harassment in the workplace.

The HR person responded that if the coworker is a dear friend both in real life and the workplace and recently suffered a loss, for example, a hug is fine. On the other hand, that does not mean you can sneak up behind the new administrative assistant and give her a big hug while she's typing at her computer. And, if you don't understand the difference between those two situations, you shouldn't be hugging anyone in the workplace.

People just need to use some common sense. If they lack common sense, they should err on the side of caution.