Let's Talk: Fears (Part One)

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“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Absolutely magical. This genius’s work was beautiful and I can thoroughly recommend his work to anyone seeking enlightenment.

Let’s begin (:

We all have something that is holding us back.

Most people are not living to their full potential. I remember being paralyzed by fear during my time at school. Worried about failing my family and of course myself.

We for some strange reason indoctrinate our children to believe that if we fail our exams we fail our lives. We panic our children, we send shock waves throughout our children’s minds and we use young people’s fears a way to get “good” results.

I remember in preparation for my GCSEs being told if I fail them “I can kiss my future goodbye and apply at McDonald’s the next day”. As a 16 year old with severe anxiety…That didn’t help. Of course now I know full well that exams are never a good judge of a child’s intelligence, but at the time that was a huge strain on my already messed up mind.

For once I’m not alone on this one.

“A survey by the Scout Association revealed that 90% of teenagers in the UK (aged

between 13-18-years-old) felt under pressure to achieve high grades at school and in


-      (Scout Association, 2007)


“92 per cent of young people feel anxious about revision and exams. Some vulnerable

young people are turning to alcohol (14 per cent) and self-harm (8 per cent) to cope.”

- (Childline, 2011)

Are you kidding me?

Like seriously! 92% Ninety- F***ING two percent of young people feel anxious. Some (14 and 8% ) turning to self-harm and alcohol.

This is fear. Fear struck into the hearts and minds of us youth. 

This needs to be change. 

And it will.

Cause I want it to.

And as I said before I WILL be the pioneer I want to be (:

Tangent done.

Now I look back on my days at school and I wonder…Why was I so scared?

Why did I allow myself to become suicidal, anxious and stressed over all of this.

It wasn’t worth it. Never will be.

GCSEs/others exams remind me of that neighbor's dog that chases you up the street until you reach the door. You’re scared witless until one day you just can’t take it anymore you turn around ready to kick this dog in this face…Then you realize the poor dog doesn’t even have any teeth!

This dog seemed scary.

This dog seemed like it was the end of you.

And now after you faced the dog…You realize the poor dog is harmless.

That dog is our fears.

We all have fears. Fears hold us back. 

Les Brown describes fear as:





This right here. Is wisdom.

Now before I wrap this post up, I just want to point out that it’s perfectly fine and natural to have fears. As long as YOU have the fears and the fears don’t have you.

I’m not done talking about fears, but I think I’ve written enough for today (: 

A part two will come soon and I’ll conclude everything.

Love you all,



I love the distinction you make at the end underlining how the fears are essentially not you and, like a backpack, you can leave them behind, once and for all. Good post, thank you and namaste :)

A simple yet profound post~
Thank you for sharing this with the Steemit Community.
I too know how you feel about being a boy/teen and being not just scared but terrified.
IN truth I was SO terrified at this stage of my life that the only class I ever failed was speech class and I only failed because I literally could not give a speech without passing out in terror. I even had a passing grade because I did everything, but the teacher failed me because "you have to give a speech to pass speech class". Man could it possibly be any worse?
Well yes of course. Everything can always be worse. Though its bad and the whole education system is detrimental not beneficial to the life of those in it.
Thankfully I have found a much healthier, happier and more successful way to live. I am dedicated to sharing that with people every day!
Best Regards~*~

Awesome man!
It sounds like you've managed to take an objective and well thought out look at your past.
Yep I 100% agree, the educational system is damaging to any child that is in it.
I'm really happy that you've come out of this with a positive outlook. I hope with a little bit more time I'll do the same.


Yes my life is totally transformed~
I wish that for you as well~
I am holding space for your journey to empowerment~*~

Yes. Expectations, wants, desires, wishes, and perceptions of reality, not matching up to the actual objective reality before us, creates depression and often fear. That's why it's important to align our perceptions with actual reality and not deny it. Attachment to out illusion, and denial of reality, is what creates our suffering. Attachment is the root of suffering, said Buddha ;)

Take care. Peace. Following you for more content.

False Expectations Appearing Real--It is wise. Thank you for this post!

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