Let's Talk: Opinions

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“Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality.”

  • Les Brown

Back in 2014 I was going through many challenges throughout my life I was honestly on the brink of ending it all. It was evident something wasn’t quite right inside my head, at the time nobody listened nobody understood. I was listed as the following by Teachers, TAs, school counsellors and other “responsible adults”:

• Lazy
• Stupid
• A waste of resources
• Useless
• Weak
• A coward

All of that hot garbage. Is any of this true…? HELL NO! Nothing but opinions, none of these people knew a thing about me or what I am capable of! At one stage these same things I was listed as became imprinted on my soul

Opinions defined me.

Opinions controlled me.

Opinions directed me.

And good god did those opinions direct me in the wrong direction. I reached a new low.

Then I was watching an Elliot Hulse video about emotions and he quoted Les Brown.

I searched him up on YouTube and the rest his history.


The quote at the top of this post ran through me and clotheslined the negative opinions right outta me!
It flushed my mind of the lies that I was told.

I opened my mind to a new opinion.

My opinion.

The year is 2016 and My OH MY! Have I grown (:
I used to allow someone else’s opinion of me to become my reality.
Now I control where I want to be. I direct my time away from negativity and I try my best to stand tall.
And spread positivity.

Do not let other people dictate your life.

Live the life you want to live.

When you are living true to yourself you can fight the hard times and resist the negative temptations because YOU see that light at the end of tunnel. You see your goals and you and only you can decide your destiny.

Love You All,



I'm a taurus, I always have my own opinion, even if I know I'm wrong ;D
That's exactly what I tell my wife too, so she wouldn't listen to her mother and have her own opinion. Afterall I'm near to tell her, if she's wrong or not lol