Let's Talk: Time. (Your Time Is limited)

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“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. “

Steve Jobs

Fitting that one of world’s greatest innovators said this. We lost his mind far too early, pity that his legacy lives on partially in the form of poorly made expensive phones. Damn Hipsters (:
Introduction done!

Let's begin

I’ve not lived yet.

I’m a ridiculously young punk 19 year old kid. I’ve seen a lot of people and things come and go. In my mind everything and everyone is expendable. life throws things your way and sometimes you just gotta take a chance, take a risk and make a drastic decision. When you go against the grain you can feel the rush, you can feel the eyes stare down upon you as you choose a different direction to everybody else. It’s a high that you cannot replace.


I’ve experienced this. I still do and I live for that feeling of exhilaration, that breeze between your hairs. That thrill. You get that by following your heart and living YOUR life.

Living your dreams, your hopes, and your sacrifices.

And only yours.

I remember when I was in Secondary school (aged 11-16) I was often ridiculed about my inability to keep up with trends for example my shoes weren’t Nike Air Force XYZ which automatically meant that I am not cool. I didn’t own a G-Shock 321 watch which automatically meant that I am indeed not “cool”. That still exists throughout adult life as well.

The people that owned this outrageously overpriced apparel were from poorer backgrounds and in reality should not afford these items…But they did. Why? Just so they could flash it off and say “I have it!!” I never fell to the peer pressure and allowed them to mock me.

I’d like to think that in a few years’ time they’ll see me and wonder “was that watch worth it?” I’m hoping that they’ll see me on TV on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live and they question their lives and how their materialistic ambitions have staggered their existence.

My life has its ups and really really REALLY! Big downs. But I always bounce back. I have to. I yearn to prove my growing list of doubters wrong.

I yearn to look myself in the mirror one day and say…”You done good kid”
And I guess at that point…I might actually understand why I am who I am.

As @lifeisawesome might say


Live it.



Uh, yeah.. you can't recycle old chestnuts, Guy...if it was protocol on steemit I have a few really good posts that didn't get up any steem. Waiting two months and reprising them may get you flagged, and then your dream of fame and TV might be on temporary hiatus because the future looks good for this site if you don't blur across the lines :)

Yeah complete mistake on my part. I normally save up a few posts in advance (just incase I'm unwell or something) I thought this was one of them ):

I can understand that. I just started a month ago but already it's hard to keep track of posts. We need an app that tracks and lets us know if we've posted a piece in the past :)

I've never run with the crowd - they wouldn't have me, but I'm not a rebel either. There is a road you can walk where you don't feel you have to fit in, where you don't have to justify your existence, where the opinions of others are just that, opinions.
This is a powerful road, because it leaves you truly free. Bullies can't bully you because they can't take away anything tat is important to you. Trolls are simply entertaining, because they can't hurt you. No matter what they say, their words have no weight, so you are free from them.
Since you are not working so hard to conform, to be popular, you can focus on just being you. not the best you, you can be, but just the you that you are, which is all you need to be.
You are 19, just starting out in life. I'm 51. I've got a good start (took me a while) and now I'm up and running living a life i could not imagine as a teenager. And inside I'm still 18. I still do the same stupid stuff I did as a kid, and I don't care who sees me and judges me.
I still look at life and laugh. I'm still amazed by the people I meet and the places i visit.
You have all of this and more ahead of you. Enjoy the journey, and if you get to be 51 and are still filled with life the you'll know you took the right path.

Thanks, upvoted!
And talking about fame: One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it´s worth watching :-)
Cheers and live your dream, Marly

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