What if?

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  “Live your life without ever having to ask, 'What if?”

 - Ken Poirot     

I love this quote.

If you’ve been active in the world of social media in the past 5 years you might have heard the saying “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) my opinion of the acronym is simple.


Absolutely rotten.

The worst.

16 year old me's opinion was that it was a pop culture fad that helped stroke the ego of the insecure. I still stand by that statement as well (: . The fad allowed materialistic egotistical people to act as if they lived their lives without fear or judgement from others, however anybody with a sense of self-awareness saw through it and these idiotic narcissists (nope not bitter at all lol) did the exact opposite to what “YOLO” should mean.

It was a crap ton of stupid pranks and “death defying” idiotic stunts that didn’t achieve anything.

Yes I sound like a hipster.

No I am not vegan, nor do I partake in vintage retro discos (:

That’s the intro DONE!


(Generic intro music plays)

The quote at the top of page is iconic in my eyes. Yes there is a lot similar, but this one as well as a few others really stand out to me. I’m 19 years old as of writing and yet I am seeing a lot of my former friends question their life choices and seek validation from invalid sources.

They saw an easy path and they chose to take it and now they post on Facebook “Imagine if I kept rapping” or things of that nature. Post after post filled with regret for accepting the cards they were originally dealt with.
I wasn’t dealt a great hand myself I’ve been in a constant battle with myself due to flip flopping mental health and that made things like school nearly impossible and made social interactions painstakingly harder than it honestly needed to be.

I endeavored and set targets and I’m slowly getting better. I had to take risks to reach where I am today. I lost friends but I’ve also gained some great ones too.




If there is one thing I have learnt from those that have come before me is that a life filled with regret is a life only half lived. I don’t want to be 87 years old in an awful care home asking my annoying carer “What if I stuck with wrestling?” I NEVAR want that. It’s my main mission in life, to make sure I never regret my choices, because I have to live with the fact that I backed down in situations that required me to stand up!

I saw the man I’m named after Muhammed Ali rise up against authority and stand tall.

I saw Martin Luther King and Malcolm X stand and die for what they believe in.

I saw CM Punk leave the WWE after feeling disrespected and crafting a UFC career…Okay not the same thing (: but you get my point right? These men had the option to play it safe and get money, fame and maintain their high status, however they saw problems and they risked it all for an opportunity to make a difference…Be the difference. They didn’t have the time to ask What If? They got up fought and changed the landscape of the world we live in today.

I can only hope that one day I can be the change.

And be the pioneer I’ve always wanted to be.



Keep living your life life without ever having to ask 'What If' my friend! Love the post and thank you for quoting me. - Ken Poirot

Well...This is awesome!
Big fan of your work.
Thank you for you kind words.

I hope you achieve all you dream of and more!

Same goes for you! (:

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