Yep, I'm A Loner.

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  “Yes, I guess you could say I am a loner, but I feel more lonely in a crowded room with boring people than I feel on my own."

 - Henry Rollins    

So I view myself as the most misunderstood boy alive. 

I’ve often felt like an outcast. Not seen as a “cool kid” 

I was often left out of activities and exiled from most social stuffs that happened whether it is at school or at the local football club. I didn’t fit in or have my own Kliq (WWE reference) I couldn’t keep up with the latest fashion trends and I still can’t. I often struggled with Identify issues.

I still do.

Who am I?

What fits me? 

When will I become happy?

What am I doing?

These are the questions that constantly swirl around my head on a nightly basis. It’s at night when you’re looking up at the ceiling questioning your entire existence. 

I remember at school in class room full of kids all with the same mentality the class on a whole including our form tutor felt like a nice little family. 

I was not a part of family. 

In a crowded room of people all with the same mentality in what I imagine had a positive atmosphere. I never felt more alone. 

I’m now recognized by my unique personality. It fuels my wrestling career and helps me stand out on what is a packed British wrestling scene.


I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. 

I guess we’ll find out eh? Seeing as I have no intention of becoming “normal” (this in my opinion doesn’t exist) 

I often identify with Superheroes mainly Marvel but DC characters has resonated with me greatly too. I’ve just finished watching Luke Cage and that show reached out to me like a high five through the TV screen. I feel like Luke Cage screams out “I feel your pain” to me during legitimately every episode. 

• We both black.....” yo”.

• We both experienced betrayal by loved ones 

• We both have adversaries that have attempted to turn people against us

• We both like coffee but I like mine white with alot of milk and a dash of eastern European flavouring

• We both fight for what we believe in.

So what we have gathered from this is that I am Luke Cage...And that even though life seems lonely.  I’m sure I won’t feel like that forever. 

I love my personality and I love what I do and I definitely don’t regret my past struggles.

So yeah! At the moment I feel a little lonely, misunderstood and left out.

But I’m sure it won’t last because I know there are people out there that share my sentiment.

Love you all.




I feel your pain.
The sequel to Luke Cage is Jessica Jones.
on netflix now.

Realizing that you enjoy your personality, and that you love what you do is a great feeling. It's often hard to vocalize the feelings we get staring up at the ceiling at all hours of the night. Its often easier to find a TV character or Book character to relate to. That doesn't take away who we are, but in our lonely moments it give us the motivation that we sometimes need to push ahead and accomplish that one that we need to do. It gives us the Go ahead to go out into the world and be ourselves.

Also on a side note, i'm really bummed because Henry Rollins is in town and i can't get off work to see his spoken word.

Damn the sucks you cant get the time off to go see him.

Yeah It's awesome that some people find it easier to relate to characters in comic books and superhero shows then so called "reality tv stars" So far the Netflix Marvel stuff has really brought out my creative side and it's pushed me to write stories and create better posts on here!

I Like This Post!
I Rather Be Lonely
Than Pick Up A New Virus
I Have Cousins That Hate Me
Etc.. Etc..
As Long As Me And My Cat Are Happy!
I Don't Fit In Here In Midwest
I Want So Much...
And My Mind Is So Big...
No One Relates To My Rants
I Dare Not Post Them Here
I Will Pick Myself Back Up
For The
Up Millioneth Time

Keep picking yourself up. Keep moving forward.

Always Forward, Forward Always (:

All the best to you.

I Keep Facing Crisis
I Have My Cat Here On Earth!
Best To You Too!

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