The Single Ladies Since Then 😍

in #life11 months ago

Hello everyone!

I would like to share a photo of mine with @flordecar26. The single ladies since then. 😀😀😀


The picture was taken almost a year ago. This was at my sister house. During the Feast day in their village. I remember the happy moments in their with my family. The chibogan ug sayawan (eating and dancing)! 😀😀😀

You still remember this @flordecar26? We are single ladies on that picture until now. We are still sexy that time. Now?! Hhhhmmm... Still sexy!!! (Kalagatak han mga paa!) Hahaha

How I miss the celebration like this?! How I miss being with my love ones?!

I wish to be home too soon!

A well-wish-wisher,



Single ladies since then!!



Hello @shikika, I just checked @flordecar26 blog now.. It's quite interesting though, I followed her !😁😁😁😁😁😁

Thank you! 😀😀😀

Thank you for following me @victordaniels☺☺☺

Sano pa daw mauutro an pamatron😂😂😂

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