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How many things have to be encountered in the course of life, sometimes light comes, sometimes darkness comes down and sometimes everything is fine, life with everything.I don't think there is any real success in life that there is no problem in life, because success can only be better realized when the face of success is seen after overcoming a thousand problems.

Since I always try to prioritize reality in my story, I try to have a main goal in each of my stories.I try to share every experience and reality of mine with you. Those who read my story constantly know this very well.There is a black bunch standing in the middle of the green all around.If this black bunch carries a different beauty, then there is a hidden pain outside of it that no one easily understands. In fact, there are some histories in human life which, when viewed from above, do not seem to be very well understood.
When a man rushes out of his tidy life and realizes everything from him, how much trouble is going on inside him.In fact, thousands of people are walking around with thousands of such problems. No one is always trying to understand someone's problem. Everyone is silent like everyone else, but at the end of the day, everyone hides their problems.Anyway, at the end of the day, I rejoined the work from today and am trying to get myself back on track as before and all in all it will take a while but I am trying to forget all my troubles and start all over again.
I think all the smiling people around us and those who are quiet should listen to them with interest because they have a lot to say and they probably can't find anyone to talk toSuffering from depression I think everyone should be listened to and everyone should be emotionally support. 20200922_10321601.jpeg

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