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I can't forget your love because of you I always try to destroy myself so wherever I go I always remember you so no matter how far I am I want to be with you at the end of the day.I hope you are all well. Everyone is having a good time. I have been ill for a long time. Now I am living a fairly healthy and normal life. I will join the work from tomorrow I wish this.

I don't want to think about the past anymore, but I want to apply what I have learned in every area of ​​life in my real life and I want to go for my goal which is always revolving inside my mind.
Telling a story a few days ago I was so emotionally broken then I couldn’t find any language to comfort myself I was trying to lighten myself then I was sitting in the car just to get back home I saw the side next to There was a guy sitting there wondering if he was there too, then I thought I said what is your problem brother, he said that after hearing that my two daughters have died I thought that gentleman is under more mental pressure than me.In fact, all the people in the world are smiling, but there is a pain hidden in everyone, but no one reveals it, no one reveals it, and no one understands the pain of the one who reveals it, because the one who understands the pain understands it, so I think when I was worried he seemed more worried then than I was.
I think everyone should take care of their mental health and everyone should try to keep themselves happy even if they have hundreds of problems because then a person can be really good and try to share their problems with everyoneThe only way to do it is to stay light so friends will join me again from tomorrow and I will meet my colleagues again and I think they will give me a good time and I will be able to have a good time with them.
When I came out of the house this afternoon, I looked up at the sky and saw a plane flying. In fact, I used it as a symbolic image in my story that tomorrow I will be back to work again.20200921_20242401.jpeg

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