In everyone's love, I am healthy and joining work again

in #lifelast month

First of all I would like to thank everyone because they have prayed for me in a good way and in their love I am healthy today and going to work anew I have overcome the problem I was in mentally and now I am mentally healthy and well Way to go to work ready.I don't want to repeat the problems of the past because I want to redefine my new life. I wish all the best and all my friends to bless me.

Today is a little different for me because today I am going to work again after 14 long days so for me it is like a lot of challenge I have prepared myself to join the work.I woke up this morning and saw that it was raining. After two days of unbearable heat, the weather has cooled down again. However, seeing this cool weather in the morning, my mind has become quite light. I was feeling a little uncomfortable at first because of the drizzle, but this is my mental goal as I go to work today.
When I woke up today, I saw that my beloved wife had prepared food for me. And she called me in the morning, then I took a bath and freshened up, then ate breakfast, packed the food again and then left for the car I finally got in the car and after that my car was moving towards the workplace ignoring the rain.
On the way I also encountered rain for a while but the environment was much better. And nature seems to have reshaped. Today, after a long time, I am going on that famous road again and I am really feeling much better. And the morning has started well for me Anyway friends good morning everyone.20200922_09265701.jpeg

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