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(I thought adding a dramatic picture of water and sky will add a punch to this post. Please ignore the random people, somebody's dog , and the kid trying to crawl up )

Below are some of the things that I have realized over time. Okkay I am not even thirty yet but very close to it. And I am sure I will realize more facts and be more matured in the coming years.
But I just want to share some of the thoughts that occurred in my mind when I recently did a self analysis. It may sound like those very cliche repeated lines, but these are the words from my heart and my life experiences .
And I really wants to know about yours too. Since I hate saying things with heavy philosophical tone , I’ll keep it very simple.

  1. With age I have became more health conscious. This is the result of marrying an ever health conscious man. I have started realizing that good health cannot be taken for granted. Earlier I was not at all bothered to drink proper quantity of water. Even now I am reluctant to, but now I feel like I am torturing my body and feel guilty for not caring enough.
    Searching for organic foods and even trying to grow my own even though gardening is a not so fond hobby, eliminating all toxic things from home, checking the ingredients before buying anything , trying to make all dips , sauces at home are some of the positive changes over these years.

  2. You don’t want to waste food, money and time. When I was a child I used to waste lot of food and never had second thoughts about it. But ever since I started cooking I use everything carefully with minimal waste. This also means that whatever food I can’t finish will be shoved into my husband’s plate. Hah😉

  3. I wish to explore the world more. There is lots to see and we haven’t even covered one third. Plus I am worried about the time running out , the commitments you have to take on and blah blah.... Also I have really started wondering where the world is going. Climatic changes , water scarcity are part of my deep thinking now.

  4. You can quickly detect people’s tricks and moves. There will be a 100 opinions on your decision and you will be judged blindly. Some are so blind, they always try to underestimate you. I strongly agree that you should never underestimate anyone.You never know what people are capable of.
    You become an expert in mind reading but some may still skip through. Your vague dislikes for drama just gets stronger and stronger.

  5. You count your blessing more. Earlier I was so worried about the things I didn’t have, completely ignorant of what I was blessed with. But now I very much value the saying ‘ The things that you have now are still in someone’s prayers ‘.

  6. Now I believe more and more in destiny. You will get what was meant to be yours. There is nothing like you will get whatever you want if you work hard. Automatically you will only work hard for those stuffs that was meant to be yours.

These are some of the realizations or the change of way I see things now.
Do you agree on any of the above ? If so do comment.

Have a great day!

Until next time

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