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RE: I Grew Older. I Am In The Rubble But I Am Drop Dead Positive, For Steemians Have Kept Digging For Me. We LIT!!!

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Wow people are really doing a lot to appreciate ... This is really cool and you deserve all the appreciation you get.

I saw what @leebaong did and I was really amazed and short of words. I wasn't surprised though coz with the things you have done and are doing for Steemit and steemians, it's only natural to ba appreciated deeply by many and I would have done same.

We do really appreciate all the things you do here and we will forever be greatful to you bro.

Happy birthday to you bro...continue to grow in grace and glory.


He deserves all of it and even much more. The @teardrops projects is one of a kind. Only God can bless him enough.

Happy birthday to the man of the people as we like to say in Nigeria. Am happy that you are a Nigerian as well

Wawoo its nice appreciation to @surpassinggoogle

You are right @sistem. He definitely deserves all the Love he's receiving today .
His seeds of Love sown into our lives are bountifully productive.
Words can't express my appreciation to @surpassinggoogle.
GOD Bless him

Exactly. He totally deserve it.

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