Unpopular Opinion: Don’t want your baby? Just abort it.

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More than 108 billion people have died since the beginning of human kind.

Our planet is currently home to more than 7.7 billion people and everyone is seeing the effects of severe overpopulation. Everyday our natural resources are exponentially being depleted and many humans live in absolute poverty and illness.

The planet has had enough of us.

A majority of the world is concerned about “global warming,” “climate change” and scientific nonsense like “carbon taxes.”

No one actually wants to realize the facts and discuss real hands on solutions.

We have to turn in to Marvel action movies like the Avengers series to get an actual sense of global politics.

Click your stone powered glove Thanos! Turn at least half the population into ash.

In our Universe, humans in power also have no problem decimating hundreds of thousands of people by dropping bombs on civilian populations.

Your life isn't even worth a second consideration.

Do you get it yet?

Trees have a life force within them to stand tall and proud for thousands of years. Experiencing season after season of beautiful, natural life. Many humans embrace, sustain and admire such life.

Others see trees only as a commodity, something to clear cut for a profit, turning living energy into lifeless baseball bats, booth picks and toilet paper.

Likewise, it doesn't bother me a single bit to sell baby parts on the capitalist free market. If baby parts can help cure diseases and provide answers to questions, go ahead and use the tissue for research.

Humans will go where they can find the most amount of cheap resources and human beings are the hottest and versatile commodity, everyone wants more of them and the cheap labor they provide.

Think banning straws will do anything to help the planet? We need to implement a planet wide ban on having babies.

I don’t care if it’s 6 weeks, 18 weeks, or third trimester – if want an abortion, you should be able to professionally get it taken care of. I even support post-birth abortions up to any age.

That would dwindle the population of people using plastics and create actual change.

Eating dead animal products

Growing up in Germany, I regularly ate horse sausage.

My parents, who are still together, had it around the house. It’s absolutely delicious. There was no discussion of legality or moral issues, it was simply a legally slaughtered animal that became our food.

As man, I am the top of the food chain and enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf with gravy or ketchup, as well as chicken nuggets and all kinds of cheese and yogurts.

What kind of sizzling, breaded and barbecued dead animal do you enjoy eating the most? Why are some life forms okay to eat while others are not? All of them can be cheaply born, made fat as fast as possible, and bred in large quantities to be slaughtered.

Right now, animals are being strategically and ritualistically murdered for us to consume in mass quantities.

I have no moral qualms about eating dog, cat, etc if that’s all that was available and would help the planet by depopulating strays and generally unwanted animals. Even “no-kill” shelters kill up to 11% of the animals they take in. Animals get taken out by the natural order of life.

Strong enough? You live. Weak? You die. Those are the rules of the Natural Law we all abide by, even if you believe differently.

No such thing as “right” to live; we all obey the law of death.

Violent Naked Ape

The human being is a natural resource to get used up. A semi-intelligent hairless monkey-being that is capable of creating and putting forth a tremendous amount of energy during its lifetime.

Many of these humanoid monkeys hold official employment from the time they are young until the day they die. Why do you think they call it the “Human Resource Department?”

Your birth certificate is your clock-in and your clock-out lifetime slip. It notes how much time you worked and the amount of income in taxes you paid over the period of your life. To the State, you are a wage and dept slave. In some European countries, they estimate that one person will work and produce about $500,000 in their lifetime.

Charge them to be born, tax them throughout their life and then charge them to be buried.

That is the only reason that the government encourages having have kids. Unlimited amount of free human resources who pay interest on their life. On top of that, many of them will gladly die in the name of their country.

The tax dollars you are about to hand over to your government will absolutely be used to put a bullet with your name on it to kill a person you’ve never met. The taxes you pay directly fund killing others while calling it “Foreign Policy” and “Eliminating Enemy Combatants” who simply want to live as much as you do. The young kids of today will become tomorrow's professionally trained murderers, in the name of “liberation.” Thanks to your tax dollars.

“Our country is the best one, the only one with right intentions.”

Educating yourself about Population Control

Is there a widespread need for people to be more careful at preventing unwanted pregnancies? A need for more education? Certainly. If you have had more than 2 or 3 abortions, you clearly don’t care about your body or someone else’s. That person would need to be castrated.

Practice abstinence if you want to, otherwise use a condom, which need to be freely available for every one to use. There will be always be unplanned babies, for one reason or another, life happens. Don’t want it? Abort it. Is adoption also a choice? Definitely.

There are many people I have met in my time who have gotten an abortion. It happens. It is a beautiful thing of modern science to be able to get such a procedure done openly, in a clean and safe environment.

That way the woman can begin to heal herself and continue her journey of education and self care.

They still have to deal with the consequences of their actions. That is the price you pay for having sex, the sole natural purpose being procreation. Folks will continue to have sex, many unprotected, and that is never likely to change.

Pregnant with an unwanted kid you don’t plan on loving? You are free to abort it. Please put your religious nonsense aside, as you are not pleasing some god by continually popping out kids. Don’t be a selfish resource hog and use protection.

What we are currently doing is clearly not working.

At the end of the day, I don't really care, do you ?

We have millions of violent human beings locked up in jails, thousands upon thousands who are living on the streets, and thousands upon thousands of kids in child “protective” services and “care” facilities. And we are killing foreigners in their own land by the hundreds of thousands. Do you care about any of these people?

Life is free and all life ends in death sooner or later. Everything that is alive will someday be dead.

It’s that serious of a problem, all living things will die.

That includes unplanned babies.

Just abort it.