Troubles and creative solutions

in #life3 years ago (edited)

I noticed that there are people who likes to brag or talk at least about overcoming difficulties or periods of sufferings they encountered in their lives. The first thought you think they are just complaining about life difficulties, unfairness they have experienced. Then you start to realize they are not really complaining, it's their way to say " I am strong, and a list of sufferings and troubles is my resume to show it." I am not saying it's bad or good, I am just saying I have a different mentality. Unfortunately overcoming difficulties and experience of troubles are part of living the life. That's how the world works, but if you see the solution how to avoid the difficult way to your goal or to avoid some problems, then you found creative solution to make your life more enjoyable. On the other hand sometimes you don't see or there are no creative solutions then you have to take the difficult path to achieve your goal. In my opinion people should put more emphasis on finding the creative solutions if possible because troubles are part of life and it's not about you like to overcome them or not, there's a high probability that you still will meet troubles through your life, just wanted to share my thought of the day.


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