From Happiness of Spring Season To Real Life In Seoul

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After finishing walking around the stream enjoying Spring season’s amusement, I stepped into not familiar area of different side of the stream.

As soon as getting into there, I was little bit shocked with the scenes of ruined houses.

I didn’t know there was such a place among this rich area.
The place I walked through was famous for the rich village.

I’d like to take the photos of the houses.






It was an impressive scene there was a chair on the roof of the house.
Why did they put the chairs on the roof ?


There was a rear car by the street.


There were onions on the top of the gate into the house

![_4060098.JPG](The rear car meant that live continued.://

The rear car and the onions meant that life was continuing here.


I found a sign of words 희망 meaning literally “Hope”
People could live through the difficulties only when dreaming Hope.


They sang a song of hope even in this difficult situation.

As soon as finishing the photos, I found out a cat in the trashes.
The fate of cat also seemed to be different from where it belonged to.



There was a sharp contrast between this ruined village and the rich village.


This sharp contrast made me sad.


Yeah its really sad to see that one side of the village is rich and other side is really poor. but yes never lose hope for happiness. And happiness not really depends on living in the well constructed houses. Poor people sleep on the floor while rich people take pills for sleep.

It's sure, I agree too brother
I think it's the real comment.

i am also agree wid u :-)

Hope is what keeps a person moving forward

i agree with it

Comparto su punto de vista, muy difícil ver y vivirlo en carne propia y estar del lado en el que la situcion es mas difícil.

Yhea You're 100% Right Bro

a real place to live and a very lovely and alert cat, it is quite different style from your other post , good job , thank you for sharing .

Well done the pictures
Our world needs more solidarity,
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

We cant discount that being poor is like an ordeal and its very difficult to survive in a day but mind you, there are also advantages of being poor. Most of the poor people were humble and even they are prideless. They will just do what is right and just to everybody in spite of being poor, and soon they will be rewarded by His Creator for the good deeds that they show to his fellowmen.

There are always poor people in every country, we as an empowered people of the crypto world could just lend them a hand, a gift, food and things that can help them because this life is so short that we just have to make each other's lives better and easier. @slowwalker

Lovely pics..

hopefully one day everybody will live better there

other side of the rich

I actually did not expect such in Korea knowing it's a wealthy country. It thus show that there's poverty everywhere.

However, it does not change the fact that Korea is a beautiful country, and I still want to visit the country someday.

Poverty exists everyplace.
Yes that's right

Hello @slowwalker .Its one of the sad realities of life,the great divide between the rich and the poor.It's not all doom and gloom for those found in this situations,cos the most happiest,sincerest people can be found among them despite their situations.

you are right

The spring passing as so grateful that's great

Eine sehr schöner Serie, die du da fotografiert hast.
Danke hierfür.

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Amazing pictures!!! I relax with them pictures!!
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work dear @slowwalker_))

Life is full of contrasts, and social inequality, unfortunately, always existed and probably will last for a long time.

Thank you so much

Great photos. You take pics of things normal tourists wouldn´t even notice.

Upvote & Follow! I was at Porto the last week and there were many empty houses in the city. But there was also a lot of construction going on. Feel free to read my posts about this trip.... I just posted the start of the trip! Updates coming within the next days. Best wishes from Germany!

Hello sir @slowwalker.

You have Already provide a very important information to us all that is about the life of people in the suburbs of big cities and great countries like South Korean seoul.

The story of your journey shows us that human life is different even in highly developed countries and in urban areas that look luxurious there must be poor communities around.

As you say that you are sad to see the scene I personally also feel concerned about the life of such a society that makes us aware that human differences tara human life is a common thing or inevitable in every life of society is no exception in the rich country such as south korea.

Maybe you will be more surprised if you visit our country in indonesia. Where so much of the population is still below the poverty line of the living population in a state of deprivation.

The existing scenery as in the photo that there is a post in this post it can be seen almost in all regions in Indonesia. Never mind in rural areas in Indonesia in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta capital of Indonesia will also be found many poor housing that is slum housing formed by a collection of poor people in the suburbs.

I thank you very much for reinviving us about human life in this world below we must be grateful for what we have accomplished rather than all the pleasures of our life that we have gained in our efforts to seek a happy life in this world.

Thank you so much my senior @slowwalker.

Your post is very meaningful for me for comparison in my life and also to cultivate a sense of gratitude in my heart also presents a sense of pity and affection for people who are still living below the poverty line.

May your trip in south korea be a very enjoyable experience and filled with beautiful memories.

I pray that you always succeed every day.

Thanks you very much for sharing sir @slowwalker.

Warm regard from me @rijalaronaceh.

Thank you so much for your comment.
I really would like to visit Indonesia very soon


Let's visit Indonesia, Indonesia wonderful

I waiting you here brother @slowwalker

ohhhh its really strange but its really nice they also beleive in hope i think these peoples are real heros because they face alot of problems but they never lose hope so i salute these peoples and this place is quite good i really love to visit this place and i,ll
thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us
keep it up

Thank you for your comment

This is that interesting comment brother @slowwalker hehe

what u mean bengmimi

Yeah its really sad to see that one side of the village is rich and other side is really poor. but yes never lose hope for happiness. And happiness not really depends on living in the well constructed houses. Poor people sleep on the floor while rich people take pills for sleep. Thank you friends.

My friends @slowwalker, my best friend Not everyone has a perfect and happy life and living in a luxurious and decent home but many of them are still poor and have no decent home and eating unworthy food their homes are not habitable but they still occupy that the life we are experiencing today is rich and wealthy the poor the poorer even though he lives in big cities but the poverty is very big and very many people who are still poor in our country so they live in places that are not habitable as in houses that are not feasible

Thank you for comment

a very nice holiday my friend @slowwalker, I really like, hopefully you are always happy

Very interesting perspective on Seoul. My wife and I were there for our Honemyoon and never saw this part of the city.

korea is very cool for us to go, thank you for sharing your story today, your photography is remarkable, wish you a success @slowwalker

Sometimes, it is quite refreshing to visit those places which are unnoticed in common discussion. Because those places provides the variety of cultural pattern, just like those chairs on the roof :D
I am sure the inhabitant of this place considered their roofs as store-room due to less capacity in living rooms.

As per your photography is concerned, i am always a huge admirer and supporter of your this wonderful talent @ slowwalker <3

저도신기하고 서글픕니다.
서울의 어디인지....

Great job, interesting post and nice photos, have a good day !)

I love your posts - it makes me want to make Korea my next holiday destination - love and light -David

Thank you so much and welcome to Korea

Dear friend @slowwalker, I understand your feelings perfectly! When we become older, we are more compassionate to people! The contrast between the richness of nature and the imperfection of human life is sad!

Thank you for comment

really its made me also sad but its the reality. one side (rich people) we see they have enough to spend their life luxury/ comfortably on the other hand opposite side ( poor people) fight too much to spend their life not for luxury only for basic needs.

Seeing images like this makes you appreciate the blessings you have and embrace gratitude. Thanks for sharing this experience with us @slowwalker. We are all children of God.

yes..and the same in the US....thanks...

emang so among the rich there must be the [email protected]

unfortunately these are the facts of life

thanks for sharing

Sometimes there is such a place in this rich enjoy your travel.thanks for sharing some good photography.

world is full of inequality.Sad but truth.5-8% people hold the wealth of the remaining 90-92% people around the world.Rich people are getting richer everyday,while poor one getting poorer.Why world is such cruel place! there is enough resource for all of us.then again,why we cant share with each others!!!

firstly your photography was awesome.
and secondly the owner of this house could be poor but i think poorer is much happy than rich people.Because they know the real meaning of life.

In all dues respect Sir , I just do not agree with this. Not living like that. That is not a happy place to call home , imho

Photography nise .

Seoul, I’ll come to you

I like your article

Wow @slowwalker that doesn't even look like any kind of dwelling where people could live. Just looks like a garbage dump or something. So sad people have to call that home :(

Thank you for sharing and shedding some light on this

indeed in korea has such an incredible view of my friend. and hopefully your holiday please my good friend yes. and myself very happy to be holiday to korea my good friend @slowwalker

Whichever country there is always a slum among the rich places. The poor sees it as a place where there will be something coming their way

cool life, and great photography, please help me @slowwalker

nice post, you find other side of propherity.

describing harmony in disharmony a social condition society.
in the suburban or semi feryfery area we can find a group of people who are struggling to maintain life. sometimes we see in the middle of the prosperity of society there is still a group of immigrants who want to reap fortune. but before they succeed they still have to arrange themselves with a narrow place so that all the potential space in a house will dimasnfaatkan as possible. carts as one way of running a business so the mode of transportation and place of trade.
onions are placed on areas that are not moist so durable and not rotten

yes, that's life

Do not worry about poverty or trust in wealth, because poverty follows wealth, and after wealth comes poverty.

There are no more certain words than these, this reminds me of my Caracas, and to explain if a photo says more than a thousand words.DOS WORLD DIFFERENT, how unfair is the world

What makes people being separated

Reality speaks.. your photos shows that everywhere you are to go there will always be like this (im not into travelling places for I cant afford it but I watch news and documentaries and read newspapers), the faces of fortunate and less fortunate, the hardworking with a great success and hardworking remains in life with no success life's on its unfair issues where rich become richer and poor to poorest good thing in this place inspite of their situation hopes still in their heart and mind and for sure thats what makes them live for years and inspire to live. Hope will help us in every way. Your sharing is some kind of sad but sometimes it's people's decision that leads them to where they are now.. prayers for all who struggles and is holding into hope! May God bless them. Thanks for the share (giving me the chance to offer some prayers for them and make me thanks God for all the blessings we've got). Keep safe in your travel and God bless you too @slowwalker.

Thank you so much.
I also wish May God bless them

It's contrasted with a tall building that looks far away, and it's like a self-portrait of our time. Thank you for the good posting.

Be thankful every season we face,
@slowwalker always show the best

Hello sir. i am very shock to like you. why still have house like that while another have a good house. the government should take action

It sounds funny but once there is life there is Hope, so they know what's they believe.

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Same equally help apvote

It's interesting to see the contrast of this scene, the poor exist with the rich.
I think the roof was used as a storage for things and it also serve as a garden area since the land area is limited.
It looks like they are trying to be efficient on the way they live their life.

Interesting and rare pictures indeed, thanks @slowwalker

Hope is what keeps a person moving forward

That's a very sad thing for me, there should be no place in the rich and easy country in his income. Very unworthy to be abandoned, because many sources of diseases with the circumstances of such a house. Hopefully the government there is quick to respond. Thanks for sharing this post @slowwalker😊

Great photo, we lovers photography :))

Follow @ziapase

Yeah poverty can be found anywhere in the world, even in developed countries you can still see homeless people. I think that chair on the roof was put there to protect it from strong winds. I admire the positivity of the owner of that house writing that symbol of hope with a smiley too. Cute cat, it must be from a rich owner, it looks very healthy and well fed =)


How r you my friend ???

awesome weather and view

Glad you were able to witness it, The situation they have reminded us to never lose hope. Seoul has always been a travel inspo and bucket list to most of us. =)

somewhere is sometimes different, let alone a long time we do not visit, but the photo is very clear friend, and very interesting, success for you friend @slowwalker

Thank you so much

안녕하세요 선생님
선생님의 글을 모두다 볼 수는 없었지만,
아드님이 대학생이라는 것을 보면 그래도 나이대가 50대정도 보여집니다.
작년 부터 꾸준히 영어로 한국을 소개하면서 소통 하는 것을 보았습니다.
저도 선생님 같이 한국을 외국인에게 설명할 수 있는 그런 사람이 되었으면 합니다
대단하십니다. 응원합니다 감사합니다.

Very nice photography

it's sad to see the differences between the two side but the have hope that's important.

Your writing is very interesting. what village there is life, what village there are people

We have such places that transition like that in my country as well. It makes one think hard on life in general and to never take whatever you have been blessed witj for granted. Its not those peoples wish to live on the hard part of life, this is even so much better than the slums in my country.
Thank you for this constant reminder that nothing in life is permanent. The images were very crisp , clear and high quality.
Great Post @slowwalker!

Thank you for comment
You make me think more on this isue

Most welcome xo

Nice moments and picture
I like the moments and picture

Saludos; interesantes sus publicaciones, lo seguiré. Felicitaciones..

Inequality is the greatest social and economic challenge we've been facing since long ago.

Saludos; interesantes sus publicaciones, lo seguiré. Felicitaciones..

How did you found that area? Interesting photo. Good post.

Love has no price but money can give a price to love.

Thank you so much

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Bellas imágenes! así como ese cartel que decía ESPERANZA" también la tengo puesta en steemit. buen Post.

화려한 주상복합단지와 달동네가 같이 존재하는 곳이죠

This is absolutelty heartbreaking , you did well in writing this piece. It is important to have these kind of images to see the contrast between rich and poor

We see the same thing here in our cities. Sometimes only a few streets separate the wealthy from the poor.

I would love to experience Korea. Love all your images!

If you want to stay healthy during your travels, check out my yoga travel post for 3 stretches :)

I don’t know there are many houses like that in Korean. My imagination is beautiful places and interesting sightseeing.

Actually there are similar scenarios like that here in the Philippines because of the government's neglect to the less fortunate people. Corruption is really bad here, unfortunately...

We're reminded that we're still blessed somehow having a comfortable home to live.

Poors are present wherever we go

really? I've never been to Seoul. What I understood is Korea is one of the most progressive country, so it means no people lived life below poverty line. Here in the Philippines, to be honest, many people lived under the bridge or along the river with no comfortable shelter. But what I admire most is their resiliency. Whatever crisis they've been through, they still live with smile at their face. But anyway, I love the onion at the rooftop and the cat who looks at you as if "hey, why are you taking picture of me, did I allow you to do it? You gotta be careful with me." hahaha.

Thank you for comment.

In Hong Kong, the contrast is very shocking as well. People living on Hong Kong Island have no idea of the extreme poverty that is away from the business districts.

I have visited there, and heard the story. It was really sad. It is definitely the violence of goverment.

@slowwalker nim, interesting shots!
Gang Nam?

btw .. I think one image link got cut
the one just above the pic with that "hope" word

I know exectly what you are trying to say becouse i am from a poor city and i witnessed such places every other day.. and it always make me sad too. We should help them as much as we can. My Allah help every poor.

@slowwalker A thorough and comprehensive analysis addresses many aspects of the issue addressed in the publication