in #life4 years ago

it sardens me when someone goes out of his/her way to please to please other ,and they are not appreciated or the

the people you are trying to help never say thank you.

note that it is important when someone does something for you or gives you something ,no matter how little it is

its necessary to appreciate it or them by saying thank you.

when you dont ,it means you are ungrateful and anyone who is ungrateful never get help or get bigger things.

it is a fact that most people take advantage of people who do things for them,others think it is their birth right

they dont appreciate or say thank you when they recieve a gift or when things are done for them.

some never even say please ,note that when you say thank you it's a sign that you are appreciative and it makes whoever

assisting you want to do more.


For some years I decided to always say thank you and today I am told that you have to say thank you and thank you.

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