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recently a well known celebrity bought a porshe car and also propose to his old time sweetheart,alot of people said its

crazy why will he spend a whooping sum of 45million on a car just on a lady and that no woman is worth it.

and a lot of taught came to my mind does that mean those who said that cant spend such gift on their loved ones such as

their mum ,sisters and wife?

and so i decided to ask different people for their own opinion,you will be suprised by their response and their own view.

no1 response-i can buy a sport porshe car for my girlfriend if she is worth it,and if she was there when i was struggling

and have been my old time girl or my wife why not.

no2 response - yes i can buy her a car,but technically it still mine !i paused for a while and said how?he said technically

if anything happens to the car the insurrance company will take control of it and whose insurrance? his.

just like the saying one mans meet is another mans poison,simply means there is always a two side to life it means

while some may agree with that ideas some find it absurd.

my own conclusion is that ,i dont think its a bad if you decided to buy your girlfriend ,wife or fiancee such an expensive

gift as long as you can afford it or buy why not! what makes it not cool is if you break the law to get this gift.

mind you no amount of money is too much or too small for you to spend on someone you love,never mind what others

will think,think or say about your presentation what matters is the intention behind the gift and the appreeciation from

the receiver of the

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