in #life4 years ago

1 you where there when i needed you,

  i didnt loose my value because of you,

   you made sure! i never lost my self esteem and worth,

   you where here when i needed you.

2 you became my friend ,

    you  made sure i was part of your life,
     you made sure i always remember he who gave me life,

      you filled my life with laughter.

3 yes i am in a strange land;

      i am no longer trapped and enslaved,

     you made sure my dignity is retained,

      i feel happy and alive.

4 i am no longer lonely,

       you are a great companion,

       you are my friend bestfriend;

       when we hold hands i feel like a child.

5 you will be my companion in the cold winter,

      i am no longer at a lost

      my hope comes from God,the crufix on my neck and you

      you are a reminder that all is not lost.


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