in #life4 years ago

1 love is when you wait all day to hear the voice of the one you love

 when you dont hear it you feel half dead,but the moment you 

  speak with that special one nothing else matters.![roses.gif](
  love is when you keep wandering whats he/she doing?

2 and you ask yourself alot of question ,

    is he fine?

    has he eaten or is he/she cheating on me?

     what does he likes?

     am i doing the right thing or will he he/she leave me at the end?

3 and you are happy you have eachother,

   love is when you wish you dont part ways ,

  love is when you cant control yourselves and do crazy things,

  love is when he/she is not there and you realise a part of you

    is missing.

4 love is when you are lonely you feel empty,

     then you say to yourself it is all i ever wanted,

      and all i ever need.

well love can be hurtful for sure

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