in #life3 years ago

women have always have problem in given men a gift expecially on special occassion,for example on valentines day men

spend money on alot of expensive gifts just to please a woman some women even dictates or tell them the exact gift they


some women choose the most expensive , at the end of it all the only thing they give in return is either a singlet ,boxers

some dont even give anything in return only few women actually take their time to reciprocate the kind gesture of a


some women dont really see the need spending on a man ,not to talk of getting him an expensive gift the statement

they normally use is "i cant spend or buy such an expensive gift" what happens split or breakup?it means i have wasted

all my money and time.

ladies what you should have at the back of you mind is that relationship is a game and a risk taken,you either win or

lose it doesnt matter if he is going to leave you what matters is putting alot of efforts in the relationship to make it work

you never can tell who is watching he might not be your prince but may be preparing towards getting your real prince.

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