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the last time i talked about the difference between a european huband and an african husband ,now i will be talking about

the difference between a european wife and an african wife.

first and formost a european woman contribute to the expenditure in a home,while an african woman believe a man

should do all the spending or rely totally on her husband.

african women are home builder ,to the african woman her family comes first or supersides everyother thing african

women tries everything within her power make her marriage work when it have a crack or issues rather than give it up.

an african woman always have reasons to stay and one of it is for the kids ,a european always looks for reasons to

leave even kids cant make them change their mind.

a european woman get bored easily ,majority just need a little reason or excuse to end their marriage some even endup

rendering their husband homeless or stripping him off his money or source of livelyhood.

an african wife can turn a crappy or cracky marrriage into a fairy tale marriage,even when she is been treated unjustly

she still endures it all and makes it work but a european woman has no time for that she believes once it not working

thats the end she moves on and doesnt care if he moves on as well .women.jpg


Pienso que no solo las Europea o las Africana,un matrimonio no es el cuento de hada que nos han pintado, pienso que si no estas preparado para pasar por el fuego y resistir no estas preparado para el matrimonio. saludos :)

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