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it is a pity that most women only criteria for getting into a relationship or getting married,is that a man must be rich to do

all the while they give nothing in return.

ladies gone are those days when a woman expect the man to do all the spending and she gives nothing in return,this days

men also wants women who will do the spending ,independent women and not dependent women.

women use to be the one asking men what they for a living but in europe , reverse is the case men are the one who

usually ask in fact before a serious relationship ,during a date or before a date men usually ask as they dont want

jobless women ,women who will bill them or women they have to spend on the moment they find out you dont have a

job they ,they never take you serious.

european men (french)are more proud then men from other country they respect women who call of their bluff that is

to say if you are a jobless woman they take you for granteed ,some can even use it as an avenue to sexually abuse you

and endup with a woman they dont need to spend on.

obviously a man has to spend at some point ,but when it becomes an everyday affairs trust me is either he runs away

from you ,you loose you value and prestidge as a woman most men will capitalise on the fact that they are footing your

bills and make unescessary demands afterall "he who pays the pipers datates the tune".

ladies when you earn your own money no matter how little or big it is,no one can ride on you or take you for granted.

only if your boyfriend,fiance or husband doesnt want you to work that you shouldnt,but to be on a safe its better you

you have a long talk with him to reconsider because nothing is parmanent or constant the only constant thing in life

as they say is change as the saying anything can happen,so its better to be safe than sorry.

while collecting from him ,you also need to be saving so that dont need to ask for money to buy minor things you can

afford .

mind you it doesnt hurt for you to help out with some household iterms ,when you do this he will always be impressed

you dont need to ask he will definitely do whatever you want and value.remember a happy man is a generous man,

and a creative woman is a man keeper.


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