Minnows Wanted to Join Our Noble Cause. No account is too small

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Do you want to get STEEM and SBD on more exchanges? You can support our effort without any experience whatsoever and no cost to you.


All we do is convince a Witness to do the work for us. The witnesses need witness votes to elect them in the top positions which cost you nothing. Just promise to use a witness vote for the witness that gets the job done.

Just promise in the comments below and I will take care of alerting you if a witness competes the challenge.

Witness Votes:

Everyone has 30 witness votes to use that doesn't affect their daily voting power or earnings.


Hey @socky, will using my witness vote reduce my voting power?

Answer: NO. The witness vote is different form the normal voting system. You have 30 witness votes to use at any time and it doesn't affect your voting power, daily vote allotment, the number of Creator/Curator votes, or Steemit rewards


Hey @socky, how long does it take to regenerate the witness votes.

Answer: There is no regeneration time. Everyone always has 30 witness votes. Example. You use one of your 30 witness votes on a witness for the first time. Now you have 29 unused witness votes and 1 used witness votes. One minute later you change your mind and unvote that witness. Now you have 30 unused witness votes.

Come join us to get our voting leverage past 300 Million VESTS!

Combined we have 234,119,357 VESTS to vote on a Witness!


2,924,133 Vests added yesterday

Total Vests 234,119,357


To get our vote for witness, here is what the witness needs to do:

1) Get SBD or STEEM listed on a major exchange

2) Provide proof that you were instrumental in the exchange listing of STEEM or SBD


The STEEM and SBD wallets on HitBTC and Poloniex have been frozen since the end of January. If you are instrumental in fixing the wallet issue with either of those exchanges, the witness bounty above will go to you. You will have to provide proof that you were the one that got the issue fixed.

I will periodically blog the status and the total list of people that will be willing to vote the Witness that gets STEEM or SBD on a major exchange. I will also provide the total Vests reward for the Witness.

Once we have a witness that accomplishes this challenge, I will send out a reminder notice to all people that have made the promised to go ahead and vote.


Pleased leave a comment below that you will promise to vote on the witness that completes this task.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog. Please remember to Upvote, Resteem, and Follow. Thank you.


For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:


For a breakdown of Steemit Keys:



Upvoted, resteemed and followed, i also promise to vote any witness that proves successful!

Thank you. I already have you on the list. Do you know anyone that you can find to join this effort?

Yes I know a few, will speak to them and get back to you

ya bro .... steem and SBD is bright futur for us.... according to my experince i want to steem and SBD in more and more exchange .....its more efectable for Steem and SBD price increse and increse ....... more .
i also promise to vote any witness that proves successful

if you like my comment then Upvote and reply me please ....,,.. i'm just upvoting your blog bro ...nice blog.

Thank you for participating. We need many more like you. More exchanges means more options and more chances to support different languages. That language barrier is a big hurdle for Steemit right now. Price would be stronger with a listing on more exchanges.

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Upvoted and followed. And of course I agree mate. I'm pouring a lot of my own money into Steem and countless hours producing video content exclusively for it. So naturally I want witnesses that will take it to the next level. I'd like to read a separate article on witnesses you personally think we should endorse.

I don't have any endorsements just yet.

Does this mean that you will vote on the witness that gets the job done?

Well after research as well. I mean many witnesses will get the job done but I may not like what they also do in regards to Steem.

The beauty is that you can always change your vote at any time and it doesn't burn that vote. I like that system. It keeps the witnesses in check. It is not like a presidential election where the president can keep office for years. The witnesses can be unvoted at any time which ideally prevents them from acting badly.

This system also makes our votes more valuable if we vote together. Whales influence the witnesses because if they unvote a witness, a whale can kick a witness off the top 20 list. Witnesses would rather have a bunch of minnow votes instead of a whale vote of the same amount. currently we have 234 Million vests. That is not quite a whale vote, but we are getting there.

Ultimately, this puts the decision making process back into our hands and not just the whales and the witnesses. Right now I struggle with Steemit Inc not being transparent. They don't have to be transparent and keep us informed on what is going on because they have no one to answer to. Community voting is the solution. I have other ideas to promote change to benefit Steemit community, but this is just the first challenge.

That's unfortunate they're not more transparent. Have you considered running yourself as witness?

I would probably do it one of these days, but it is highly unlikely that I will get to a position in the top 20. They are the ones that make decisions.

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