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Many of my followers have been waiting to see some impressions of my trips to the States. But I lost all the memories that were stored on my old laptop. Luckily I found some very old ones from 2011 and thought to share them with you...

Have you heard of the world’s largest tattoo and body art convention, hosting with over 200 artists per show!  Well, I have been there and it was an adventure. But who invented the tattoo ?

A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Tattoos fall into three broad categories: purely decorative (with no specific meaning); symbolic (with a specific meaning pertinent to the wearer); pictorial (a depiction of a specific person or item). Brought to Europe from Polynesia in the early 19th century through naval routes, it was originally largely restricted to naval use, and was a male-only domain. By the later 20th century its use was more widespread and extended to female users. By the end of the 20th many stigmas of the tattoo culture had gone and it moved into the realm of being a fashion accessory for both men and women.

The body art was invented in the 19th century which means it has a lot of history. The tattoo was brought to Europe by Cook when he returned in 1769 from his first trip to Tahiti and New Zealand.

I was always interested in skin art even though nobody in my closer environment got tattooed instead of older sister. I am not planning on getting lots of tattoo´s but I am so in love with some artistic, meaningful pieces immortalized on the skin. My family and I made a trip to Los Angeles in 2011 and my parents had the idea to visit the world´s largest tattoo expo. I was very young but it was no problem to get in since I was there with both of my parents. 

It didn´t look special from the outside. It was just a big car park with a building. Nothing special at first sight. 

Please keep in mind that I was very young and all the pictures were taken at young age. No current pictures...

This picture was actually taken in front of the entrance showing the parking space. 

The artists come from studios nationwide. The convention has MANY tattoo & piercing contests, as well as live music, a variety of entertainment, retail vendors and tens of thousands of enthusiastic attendees! It is like a festival for tattoo lovers! They say it´s one of the West Coast’s wildest Skin Show off parties...

You can visit so many shows such as the freak show, become miss body art expo, art fusion show, human suspension show ( which was a little too scary for me to look at ), hot babe contest, fake orgasm contest and many more. I haven´t been to all of them because we weren´t interested in watching others faking an orgasm especially because I was at such a young age. Anyway, they didn´t save on entertainment. There was a lot to explore and definitely worth seeing! 

Of course the whole convention was packed with tons of tattoo fans. There were many booths with the possibility to get tattooed right away. People came from all over the world and were fascinated by the talents!

I am so happy that I found at least a few pictures that I can share on Steemit. Let me know if you want to see some more impressions of my trips to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Miami. I have found a small folder with a few pictures of my adventures. Anyway, the convention was such a great experience. Seeing all those crazy individuals and all those amazing artists was a pleasure for me. It was an experience that I will never forget and I would love to visit the expo one more time.

A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition. ― V. Vale, Modern Primitives: An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment and Ritual

Let me know if you have any tattoos. I love to hear the story behind a tattoo and the reason for it! Of course humans have invented technologies to remove the color from the skin but it´s normally created for a lifetime! This is exactly the reason why I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for joining me

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 


I have a few but as I get older(40+) I plan to get a ton of them because I'd rather be an interesting old guy with a ton of cool art on me that tell stories than just an old guy wit saggy pale skin lol.

Plus as our memory fades getting significantly meaning tattoos can remind yourself of what kind of person you were long ago at different stages in life.

Wow, love that! It is truly like book painted on your skin with all your memories from the past! Really like it

I don't have any tatoos, but went with a friend to an event similar(smaller) in Austin TX many years ago.

Personally, my favorite tattoos are pacific islander tattoos because they are such a rich part of their culture and history!

Thanks for sharing!!

I like them too!

Excellent article, to be honest, I have tattoos, especially like a scorpion and you're right, it does not hurt at all, but then it's beautiful! Thank you @soldier

Nice! Is your zodiac sign a scorpion?

Yes, that's why I did it :)

Interesting article and photos.

Thanks appreciate it...

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Interesting article and photos
Thanks For Sharing Your Post
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Thank you, glad you like it

And you? are you planning to do some tattoos in future?

Well yeah maybe. I love small tattoos with a big meaning. So who knows what happens

I don't have any tattoos but I would love to get one. Nice post.

Which one would you get?

Wow !!

You got my vote and a resteem :)

Thanks! Appreciate it

Interesting article and photos. New follower from now on :)

Thanks, appreciate it and welcome!!!

Tattoos are cool, but if i go to the store and buy myself a tshirt. I sometimes come home and don’t even like it anymore. So i think a tattoo is not for me.😄

Then I would recommend for you to never get a tattoo :D Maybe a tattoo made of henna

Tattoos are permanent and I love when I see ones that truly mean something to people and they carry it on their body everyday as a reminder when they can't see some hope . If I could get one (because of my religion I can't) I would get flying birds on the wrist

I I didn´t know that it is not allowed in your religion. Its great to hear about that. Flying birds are a magical piece of art which can be very meaningful! I think you would also get a tattoo of your babyboy. Maybe his initial letters or the date when he was born.

That is even a better idea !!

I've often thought about getting a tattoo.. but they are so permanent, and I don't like to be tied down to anything in particular. There are so many people covering up old tattoos with new ones, it seems like most haven't really thought it through..! Also, those who do keep the tattoos for long times will usually find it fades over the years.

I just wish there was like a happy compromise: a tattoo that lasts like 1-2 years and then disappears! Because I do think they are rather nice sometimes, especially within certain subcultures !

I have thought about the same! There must be a possibility of a tattoo that lasts about 1-2 years! But I understand you! I also see so many cover ups which are great but even bigger than the first tattoo.
If it fades than you can get a new layer of ink which is no problem

Even permanent tattoo can be removed using laser technology,

I heard of it but there will be scars sometimes and it won´t look like there was nothing before

I looked into henna tattoo's which are 'sorta' an option for shorter term but you have to stick with the red stuff which I don't like, because apparently the black henna ink contains all kinds of horrible toxins. And it fades faster too of course, can't imagine it staying nice after the first few weeks!

Yeah sure, you´re totally right. I once used black henna on my hand and after 8 days it looked horrible. Red henna isn´t my thing so maybe you have to stick with bare skin then :D

I admire tattoos, but i dont think i want to wear them.

It is a tough decision to make a tattoo. It will be visible forever and you need to like it for the rest of your life!

@soldier Yep....I have been very close a few times, but decided against. I don't regret not getting them. But still consider it sometimes.

You can do it whenever you want. So wait for the time where you can decide 110% that you want to do it! I recommend wanting it for at least a year....

Of cause we want more
You are full of entertainment

Your younger look is as cute as you are

Thanks, I will create the next post then ;)

Thanks For Sharing Your Post.That was great to read.

Sexy woman go to sexy places, where she will find bad boys.))

Awesome... when are you getting back to the states? Next time try the Midwest USA. . . Chicago / Detroit or another city :)

Interesting write up..Thanks for sharing!!!


Really amazing :)

Its a really great post

yees, we all would love to see more of your trips to the United States!

really quite awesome that was to read and great pics too :)

It is indeed great .I do like tattoos but not a big fan of it as i have heard it does hurt ;)

Interesting article and photos
Thanks For Sharing Your Post

Excellent article, to be honest, thank you @soldier

Wow amazing, tnx for sharing this.

I'd rather be an interesting old guy with a ton of cool art on me that tell stories than just an old guy wit saggy pale skin lol.

I'd rather be an interesting old guy with a ton of cool art on me that tell stories than just an old guy wit saggy pale skin lol.