Natural Beauty Hacks | For Men & Women

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius

People strive for the perfect look. Society made us think that others only accept us if we look good. I can tell as often as I want that beauty comes from within and only if you feel good about yourself, you will shine from the inside out. But why do we search for matching clothes? Why do we look in the mirror to check our hair before we leave the house? Why do men shave their beards and women wear make-up? I am asking all those question to get to one simple answer. Because people speculate what others think of them. We all want to look great especially at a first impression. We want to look groomed, happy, glowing and radiate positive energy. I believe that it doesnt matter how you look as long as your soul is beautiful but why dont we strive for having both? Beauty and a good soul? 

Of course you should be pure with yourself, feel great from the inside out and love who you are to make your true beauty bring to light.

I often try to influence you in creating the best version of yourself. Now it´s time to do something for your outer beauty and health! I wont talk about make-up and stuff like that. I am going to show you some natural beauty hacks made for men & women! 

Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld. - Martha Beck

You might have noticed that many trends such as food trends, face masks etc are switching over to the natural side which I really recommend. Your body is a natural product as well and why should be contaminate our shell with artificial substances? 

Well I hope you enjoy the following beauty hacks and maybe want to try out few of them....

Greasy Hair?

If you have greasy hair just add 2-3 tablespoons of cooking salt or even better sea salt to your favorite shampoo and the roots of your hair will stay clean longer!

Want Longer And Thicker Lashes?

For all the ladies out here, do not throw away the empty bottle of your mascara. Wash it thorough and mix 1/4 aloe | 1/4 castor oil | 1/2 vitamin E together and apply it with the matching brush to your lashes every night before you go to bed for a whole month. 

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

We all use to have some short night throughout the year and nothing feels worse than feeling tired and having dark circles under the eyes. If you like coffee, please to not throw away the coffee ground. Put it under your eyes and it will keep you fresh. I would also recommend to mix it with coconut oil in a 1:1 solution and apply this mask 3-4 times a week.

Stronger Nails 

In order to have stronger nails just do a 1:1 mix of coconut oil and honey and add some lavender oil to it. Apply it as a nail polish and this will strengthen your nails for sure!

Black Heads

Who is also annoyed by the pesky bleak heads mostly in the nose and chin area? Well, here is the perfect natural wonder mask to solve this problem. Just mix a teaspoon of warm water, 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 teaspoon of honey together. Dip a pad or anything similar into the mixture and apply it to the problem area for 10-15 minutes. 

Drink Water

I believe this is the best and healthiest beauty trick that has ever existed! Do you want glowy, healthy looking skin? Are you tired of dry lips? Does you skin peel off at some areas? Well, drinking water is the solution! Water hydrates your skin better than any other cream or face masks. It comes from the inside which makes your skin glowing as well! But drinking water has so many more healthy benefits so you should drink at least 2 liters everyday!


I think that there is nothing prettier than a natural true smile! It shows confidence, happiness and positivity which works like a magnet towards people that are around you. 

Whitening Your Teeth

Do you ever dreamed of white teeth? Well, this is possible without paying hundreds of dollars at the dentist or using some artificial substances in your mouth. Mix 1 TSP of grated strawberries and 1 teaspoon of baking soda together and use this paste instead of tooth paste twice a month. 

Rose Water

If you havent using rose water, you are missing out something in your beauty routine. Documents from the ancient Egyptians show they used rose water on their skin far back as 3500 B.C.

The Romans noticed it´s amazing moisturizing properties and would use it on their skin during harsh winters but in modern times rose water is found in many beauty products because of it´s calming effect and it helps irritated skin as well. 


This might not be a natural beauty hack but I think I should mention it too since almost everyone of us uses deodorant wrong. When do you apply the deodorant? Maybe after the shower? In the morning? Or right after doing sports? Well this is totally wrong. Deodorant actually needs time to seal your sweat glands before they start sweating. Apply it in the evening before going to bed allows it to do that. But when you apply it in the morning, probably already sweating, it defeats the purpose of deodorant. 


I still want to mention that true beauty comes from within! Only if you feel comfortable in your skin, you are able to show beauty from the inside out. 

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. - Sophia Loren

I hope you enjoyed reading about this topic. 

Let me know if you want to see more hacks like this in the future. 

Thanks for reading

Stay focused

Love, Soldier

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Nice hacks! and yes people often forgot that drinking water is the key to healthy body and skin. And healthy means beautiful! :D

Totally true! Healthy means beautiful in every kind of way.

Undoubtedly it's necessary to watch for yourself and be in shape, but there is such a saying. "Meet with the clothes, but see off in the mind."

I love this saying!
Surely you need to take care of yourself not only to look good and feel comfortable but also to live a healthier and longer life. Especially the water "hack" will help you a lot

A very interesting article, now a lot of means for beauty, but how to use it right now, we learned. Thank you @soldier

Glad you find this article helpful! :)

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote

Thanks, appreciate it

Putting on deodorant at night is a good tip. I didn't know that. Great post!

I think almost everybody uses deodorant wrong so no worries, try it out. I would love to hear about the results

@soldier When you Started Makeup things ?

I first tried out make-up when I was 13-14 years old. I used some mascara from my sisters but I was 15 when I really got into make-up and beauty.

You Re Legend Now :D Super Beauty

The beauty of the face is one of the signs of beauty in women, so care about the means to care for it, either using creams available in cosmetic shops, or using natural recipes, which are the best and safest choice; because they contain safe and healthy materials
Thank you for your posting

You´re right and I agree. But looking healthy and glowy can be nice for men too!

Yah i agree with you about this natural solutions for beauty especially i the area of water. I was told that drinking water first thing in the morning is a natural detoxifier.

It is! You should drink water after you wake up. It really works like a natural detoxifier.

Yah i would try it.

Thanks for sharing this tips soldier
Its good to look pretty,not only inside but outside as well.

For natural products i will recommend alovera and honey for the face,it does wonders.

Yes, and aloe vera juice to glow from the inside!


I love mixtures with aloevera and honey as well! Thanks for sharing your secrets

Interesting tips!! Does that mascara one actually work though? Doesn't it smudge out during sleeping..? I imagine with all the oils it stays mushy and doesn't dry.

The salt in my hair part sounds weird too! I wonder if it makes your hair smell salty? :)

I have more dry hair and it doesnt grease easily so I havent test it by myself but it maybe tastes a little like salt but doesnt smell like it :)

You should normally wait 5-10 minutes after brushing the lash mixture onto your lashes. It doesnt need to dry, it´s just like oil in your hair. It will dry over night but if you apply a gentle amount you wont have any problems. Just dont put too much product on the lashes.

I'll try it! I go through mascara like no tomorrow, so I have a ton of near-empty bottles... can't be bothered to scrape all of it out.. I get impatient and grab a fresh bottle instead! Maybe this way, the near empty bottles don't have to go to waste!

Such good information. I agree that beauty is an inside job. Drinking lots of water is so healthy. I was told to drink water before going to bed at night and first thing in the morning for the health benefits. Also, I have been using toothpaste made from coconut oil and baking soda and it does wonders for whienting your teeth. Thanks for your great information, as always.

Great tip with the toothpaste! I also use toothpaste with natural ingredients in order to prevent side effects or not to put any chemicals into my body!
Baking soda really whiten your teeth and drinking water before going to bed and after waking up in the morning can do wonders! Not only to your skin!

Thanks for the tips!

Scanned through thinking this article wasn't for me but I wonder if the blackheads thing works?

Have you or anyone tried the warm water and honey?


I have done this in the past and it did work. It was more than a once off treatment though. If you do it 2/3 times a week you will start to see results. But I think that also depends on your skin.

Thats true. It depends on the skin type but I would recommend to first open your pores. Take a towel and dip it into hot water. ( dont burn yourself )After that, just put the towel over the problem area and leave it there for 3-4 minutes. Now your pores should be open and you will get much better results.

Thank you for the information :)

I'm going to try the salt in my hair!

I would love to hear about the results

Nice tips, in the beginning, ​I thought the article was only for woman, but I also found some good tips for myself.

Yeah true. Beauty isnt always only for women. Men can take care of theirselves too! Especially the water and smile "hack" is for everybody at every age!

Drinking water and smiling have been working for me...this is very educative..nice post @soldier

Glad you enjoyed it! Water is the key to a longer healthier life

The beauty of the soul prevails over physical beauty.

Natural remedies are the best and they have no side effects. Thanks for sharing.

That´s true. Natural ingredients wont have any side effects!

These are really helpful tips..

Glad you enjoyed it !

I love facial masks , I buy so many mask products to better my skin and it makes me feel very relaxed . I personally use rose water everyday as a moisturizer .! I'm going to try out the teeth whitening remedy

I havent tried out the berries but baking soda really does wonders!
Facial masks really help the skin and make you feel relaxed! I recommend using masks with natural ingredients because this wont have any side effects to your skin and body.
I also use rose water most of the time instead of a toner.

Drinking water is the best tip of all! People do not drink enough, so they are not hydrated but if you do it is much better for your skin and make you feel energetic. Easiest and quickest tip!!

True! Easiest and quickest tip. And it has so many healthy benefits, as you said - everyone should drink more water!

A very informative and educative post. Intetesting too. I love face masks and trust me to try this out. Thank you for sharing.

I love face masks too! I switched over to natural products because my skin got very dry from artificial substances but face masks really do help your skin

nice tips, i will tell to my girlfriend! thanks

Its right.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Whoa wonderful. Banana peel works wonders to whiten teeth. Simply run the inner peel to your teeth twice a day. Secondly rose water works wonders to eradicate bad odour from mouth. Drink a sip of it daily.

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thanks for shereing

Natural solutions for the beauty don't have any side effect. Thanks for sharing.

Will try 1 or two of them and as it seems thanks for the tips ,I hope i will get benefited from it :)

This is is very useful thanks for making these post you are amazing :)

i really enjoy your helpful post thanks alot

Blasfemy! Men just rub cement on their face for moisturising and drink whisky for hidration.

You never had a glow until u had a beer glow, haha.

Just kidding. really informative article. Keep up the good work!

Great post @soldier. Love how you used all the natural beauty remedies because I'm all about natural and I actually made a post about how to make your own 100% natural deodorant, which I absolutely love. I'll be trying some of your awesome tips.

Indeed, the skin and eyes reflect our health. I really like the quotes from the beginning and at the end of posting. The natural remedies I use for beauty are argan oil, almond oil, lavender water, rose water, cocoa butter.

Thanks for share . . . . i want to try it .

My wife uses a lot of eco cosmetics!


Interesting hacks. It is more like a natural look without natural ingredients but still kind of helpful. Thanks for sharing :)