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Obviously I am a nature lover by heart as you can tell from my nature series 

Did you noticed that our moon or sun have changed their colors in the last few months? Have you seen anything special?

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu 

Today I want to list a few special things that happened in the air a few weeks, months and years ago. The atmosphere above us has something very special and I am always fascinated of what is possible. 

Lunar Eclipse 

Have you seen the lunar eclipse on the 7th of August? I dont because the sky was covered with grey clouds like everyday at the moment. I couldnt see this piece of art but I would be happy if you got the chance to see it. We are able to see the moon because it is radiated by the sun. While rotating around the earth, the side of the moon, which is facing us, gets more and more light. The moon increases. At full moon, the side that is facing us appears in full light of the sun. Then it is moving into the shadow which repeats every month again. About two times a year the earth and the sun stand on the same line and the moon moves into the shadow of the earth. A lunar eclipse occurs. 

Total Solar Eclipse 

Today was the first time in 99 years that a solar eclipse passed from coast to coast across the United States. Millions of people got the chance to experience this unbelievable phenomena where the moon passes completely in front of the sun´s face. With all the technology we have these days, people were able to record and film this phenomena like never before! @sirwinchester wrote an interesting article about it! I hope some of you got the chance to see it!


The perseids is an annual astronomical power that happens during July and August. At this time you will see hundreds of shooting stars on the sky. The Perseids consist of the dissolution products of the comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle. The earth hits a dust lane in this period of the year which the comet has left behind in the space. 

Super Red Moon

People already heard about the lunar eclipse but how is it possible that a moon discolored into red? Well, I explained the development of a lunar eclipse earlier and what happens on a red moon is easy to understand. In a total lunar eclipse, the earth shifts between the sun and the moon, you could possibly think that you´re not able to see the moon then because the sun doesn´t illuminate the moon anymore. Well, its just physics now. The sun light consist (like every white light) of three colors. Red, blue and green. Red is labeled as long -, green as middle- and blue as short-wavy.
The long-wave red rays of sunlight are refracted by the earth's atmosphere and are deflected into the shadow of the earth. Therefore the moon appears at such a phenomenon in red!


The supermoon occurs when the full moon is closest to the earth. The distance between moon and earth is normally 385.000km and while supermoon its much closer. The distance on this super moon is 356.509km. That´s the reason why it appears one seventh bigger and thirty percent lighter than usual.


Have you seen the sun eclipse today? 

As you might know, I´m currently located in Germany and here is no sunshine at all! Most of the time its grey and rainy. If you catch a few sun rays during the day, you get disappointed because the sun will be covered by the clouds shortly. I would have loved to watch the sun eclipse but I´m sure I will get the chance in the future. 

Thanks for reading 

Stay focused 

Love, Soldier 

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Great post as aways :D

The picture of the red moon is very beautiful... nature is so wonderful

It truly is, thanks moonlee !

Very useful information I also like to observe such events. Thanx for sharing....

Glad that you found this interesting. Thanks for your support

i only see it in youtube videos not reall i want to see it but here is not and also good to talk on it all and give some infrotmations about it thanx

I also love nature
It's the only thing of pure peace that's left in this world...

100% agree!

It's beautiful

thanks ! I agree

yeah we was see all in u.s and we everyone use the some glasses and its a wonderfull scene like we was in antoher plant like ploto or marz or any other @soldier

wow great! Luckily you wore glasses! I wish I could have been there too, such a special event

this is only in some countries not everyweher in here and we couldnt see it bcz the cloudy

I know it´s sadly not everywhere... I wish I could see it as well but I believe it was only in the US

goooood luck that nice

we experienced full solar eclipse last years, people gathered in designated spot to witnees the eclipse. It was lucky if we had a chance to see the celestial events. We have no eclipse this year, I really hope I can witness the most waited phenomenon. Thank for sharing @soldier

wow great, I have never seen a solar eclipse. Really looking forward to one in the future

Also, the moon appears a lot bigger when it is close to horizon because of an optical effect : our brain can compare it to things that it knows the size of (trees, houses..) and it thinks the moon is huge whereas it isn't.

I like your Lao Tzu quote. It is so true!

yeah true, its often just an illusion.

You guys from America are lucky! in england, UK the partial eclipse was basically covered by clouds ah, like in Germany

true! It was only visible in the US :/

wasn't in my country soooo nope :(

same over here :/

Amazing how insignificant we are In the big picture..
Also, seeing trump look at the eclipse without eye protection was almost as beautiful as the eclipse itself..

lol, I believe he put on that glasses right after the shot was made

It was too beautiful and perfect. What a privilege

Have you seen it?

I love how you covered the most common, yet overlooked astronomic events in our sky, @soldier.

I was fortunate enough to be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse today, in Tennessee. I did record the event and posted it here just a few hours ago. No filter on the camera but it was still surreal seeing the sky darken and feel the temperature drop.

Should I see another one in the future, I'll make sure to pick up some filters for the camera and solar glasses. Hard to discern there is an eclipse taking place without it.

I'd love to get the red moon event on film someday. What a beautiful sight. Thanks for broadening the scope of celestial event awareness. :)

You were able to see the red moon in 2015. But its going to happen in the future so no worries. Btw, great recording, upvoted !

I missed the last red moon, think I'll be more conscience of the next one though. :)

Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks for the boost!

I also wanted to see the solar eclipse but it was not in my country. Thanks for sharing the celestial events.

So bad right :/ I believe next time we should travel to see this

i saw solar eclipse around 18 years ago , was week in bulgaria and there it was interesting experience like 1-2 minutes total darkness and after that we went to beach and many fishes and birds was dead in beach , so seems it was end of world for them.

wow really? Never heard that kind of story.

sometimes nature gives us surprise

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Woow useful information soldier. Thanks

Glad you like it :)

We love nature so much and sometimes don't notice it's attributes . Like I never thought of some of these things that have occurred like you described , I feel like our connection with nature would be stronger if we payed attention to tiny things . The eclipse honestly seems a tad bit scary that something like this could happen , and I'm not sure if you believe in God but , all of this happening from his power ...

I liked learning new things from you today as I do everyday :) cheers to new info and cheers to education

Yes these phenomena are created by a higher power for sure! I agree, we should pay more attention to the little thinks like Perseids for example. Maybe we would really be able to connect better with the nature !thanks to your lovely words like always

Thank you as well 😊

damn this red moon photo cannot be real!

i saw bloody moon twice in my life

Very interesting post, thanks for sharing! upvoted, resteemed and followed! :)

i was so excited to see this but here the small rain and we miss this chance and i feel very upset to miss this a chance which dont i get soon soldier

i heared about it but mostly it was see this amaircans not here show and great job soldier to talk this point of nature on super red moon, solar eclipse and perseids and describe in some details

The Earth is flat and stationary come on soldier break free of the matrix.

I've also missed the eclipse on August, 7th cause of clouds =(
but sometimes even in the city good photos are possible, here is Jupiter near the Moon, for instance (the shot was taken this spring)



So beautiful @soldier ...Blessings😊

I could see today's ok. The clouds didn't help. However the welding goggles sure helped

I like this picture ! Good

i love it your smeet

Its so nice ~

i follow in every where mmm waw

I'm jealous I didn't get to have the best shot at the total solar eclipse!

Isn't it amazing what nature can deliver to us!

beautiful :) i follow you and vote !

I did not know about Perseids and The Super Moon . You explained them very clearly. Red Moon is the most beautiful in your post, I have not noticed it but right now I will watch it carefully. Nature is the most beautiful thing if we pay close attention to it. Thanx for sharing.

WOW !!! ...... AMAZING VIDEO !!!!
thank you for sharing

Informative. Thanks for sharing :)

WaOOOO Beauty

WaOOOO Beauty

wow Its beautiful thanks for sharing

wow wonderful article abut nature ! But i hve never seen a solar eclipse and red moon!

I absolutely love the nature. It is the most important and beautiful thing that God provided for us to enjoy. Nature gives me joy, freedom, and peace. I think we should pay more attention to nature and take better care of it so that it can take care of us. Sorry that you couldn't see the solar eclipse, but one day you will. I live in Canada and I got to see a little bit, since the moon covered about 80% of the sun. But it was still special to experience.

Luckily I saw the Lunar eclipse and the sky was clear. Through the telescope the view was immense.

And I only heard about eclipses, but I never saw with my own eyes :(

Is the Eclipse world-wide? Because the moon I see is still the same :D

Talk soon!

i was only advices to every one to be caefull from and use some speciall to save ur eyes it many effected on eyes and some time many person effected from it and really it was a great view to see the great eclipse we are all with family see this

woow looks so beautiful photos, thank you for sharing @soldier

Nature does not hurry, yet everything os accomplished. I love this. Nice one @soldier girl.

I have seen the red moon. That was very spectacular

Nature is beautiful its only difference how you see it

Amazing , thank you for sharing

you are truly a explorer and its good to see the stuff you do you always amaze all of us with your post's

I am from Prince Edward Island for us only 10 percent coverage from where we are positioned . Still pretty neat .

The eclipse was insane!!! I got to watch it from a boat... absolutely beautiful

Nature is a wonderful . I did get the opportunity to see the eclipse and I am glad i did not miss it. Thank you for the wonderful information.

Good information

I didn't get to see the recent eclpise where I was. So sad. Did you get to witness the total solar one at least?

I am at peace if I find a moon like the red one near my home! :O Thanks for sharing @soldier

love nature and its beauty .i have also posted on nature , if you love you can visit my blog

Yes you will get to see a solar eclipse in the future. Here in California there was a partial eclipse, but I didn't look since I didn't have any special glasses for it. I did notice it looked like cloud cover without the clouds.

Very nice post I have got very good information about Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse thanks for sharing

Great roundup of the celestial events! Today was an extremely cool Eclipse as viewed from Nashville TN. I posted some of my pictures here:
If you are so inclined, would love for you to take a look. They aren't great, but they are my own. :-)