Consumer Surveys Validate the 80/20 Rule

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About 80% of consumers feel or see Astaxanthin working in their bodies within two months of use. And unfortunately, about 20% of consumers don’t feel or see any difference.

But in addition to many human clinical trials, two consumer surveys have validated the 80/20 rule for Natural Astaxanthin’s ability to combat painful inflammatory conditions.

In fact, one of these consumer surveys asked users to compare Natural Astaxanthin’s anti-inflammatory effects to prescription and OTC anti-inflammatories and found that Natural Astaxanthin has similar results to these non-natural drugs.

A survey of people with joint, muscle or tendon pain found that:

• 84% had positive results from using Natural Astaxanthin
• 83% experienced less pain
• 60% had increased mobility

When asked how Natural Astaxanthin’s effects compared to
other anti-inflammatories found in the drug store:

• 75% said that Natural Astaxanthin works the same as or better than over-the-counter pain medications such as
aspirin, Tylenol®, Alleve® or Motrin®
• 64% said that Natural Astaxanthin works the same as
or better than prescription anti-inflammatories such as Celebrex® or Vioxx® (Capelli et al., 2008).

Another consumer survey of 247 Natural Astaxanthin users stated “over 80% of those reporting back pain and symptoms from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis reported an improvement from Astaxanthin supplementation.

Astaxanthin supplementation was also reported to improve symptoms of asthma and enlarged prostate. All of these conditions have an inflammation component which is closely tied to oxidative damage” (Guerin et al., 2002).

To summarize, it appears from these consumer surveys that Natural Astaxanthin works about as well as prescription and OTC anti-inflammatories. It does, however, take considerably longer to work. But as I pointed out above, a critical distinction is that Natural Astaxanthin has never been shown to have any side effects or contraindications—it’s completely safe and natural—while OTC pain pills and prescription anti-inflammatories all have side effects, some of which can end up killing you.

So the crucial decision is left up to the consumer: Do you want fast results that may end up seriously hurting you, or would you rather wait about a month for the same results and be safe and healthy?


Month #1: Take 24mg per day of Natural Astaxanthin for 30 days to let it accumulate in your body quickly.

Months #2 and #3: Take 12mg per day to see and feel the full results you’re going to get.

Month #4 Onward: Feel free to experiment with dosages anywhere from 4mg to 24mg per day. Let your body be your guide: If you feel results are diminishing, get your dose back up to higher levels.

Always: Take Astaxanthin with a meal with some fat content. (Carotenoids taken with fat are absorbed much better.)