What do you usually do on a Sunday?

in #life2 years ago

Do you spend time with your family? Do you spend time with friends?

Or do you prefer to spend time with yourself and catchup on some needed You-time?


Feel free to share your ideas of a great Sunday in the comments below! Would love to learn more about how other people like to spend their Sundays!


Photo taken by Priscilla Du Preez

Generally, we like to spend Sundays as a family. We like to wake up and go outside, listen to the birds singing and to just be present in the moment, feeling the relaxed Sunday vibrations calming our inner beings.

There is nothing quite like strengthening family bonds, by spending time with each other and really getting to know what is going on inside of everyone.


Photo by Sai De Silva

Disconnect is something that happens easily in the modern day. We spend more time on computers and other devices, as well as spending a great deal of time to make an income, however, in this fast pace lifestyle, we have to find the time for deeply connecting with family or friends, otherwise life can become quite empty.


Sundays can be really great to connect, so however you like to spend your Sundays, try to connect with someone or just connect with your inner self, as long as you connect :)

Photo by Blake Richard Verdoorn

Have a beautiful Sunday!!


I prefer family time or time to rest.
Unfortunately I don’t always get to decide 😂

That is very true :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

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