Why Do People Call Astaxanthin “The Supplement You Can Feel?”

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The answer is really quite simple: Roughly 80% of the people who take Natural Astaxanthin feel it or see it working in their bodies within a few months. This 80% figure has been borne out in clinical research as well as consumer surveys.


There aren’t a lot of supplements that you can feel working. In fact, about 95% of supplements are taken on faith—people think that they’re doing something beneficial for their health so they take them. And getting people to continue taking these “can’t feel ‘em” supplements for the long haul is an ongoing battle for supplement brands. Even if they’re effective supplements helping to ward off disease, a large swath of consumers simply won’t stick with them if they can’t feel or see the results for themselves.

But Astaxanthin is different. When people take this product, after about a month or so they start seeing and feeling the benefits for themselves. Benefits that people have found from Natural Astaxanthin include:

Better workouts, increased strength and quicker recovery from exercise
• Slower heart rate when doing endurance exercise
• Improved immunity and fewer colds and flu
• Improved skin quality and appearance
• Reduced sunburn
• More energy
• Less eye fatigue, dryness and soreness when spending long
hours on the computer
• Improved vision and better brain function
• Better performance in sports
• Less joint, tendon and muscle pain and better flexibility
• Feeling and looking younger during the aging process
• And believe it or not, even improved male fertility when
trying to have a baby


How many other supplements can bring even one of these “feelable” benefits to consumers? Natural Astaxanthin is the champ when it comes to “feelability.” Once people start taking Astaxanthin, many will become spokespeople and start telling their friends and family about it.

They’ll tell their moms and dads how their aches and pains have diminished. They’ll tell their brothers and sisters how much more energetic they feel and how their workouts are much better.

They’ll tell their friends how they’re able to read better without their glasses. And they’ll tell their coworkers how they’re not getting colds like they used to.

I’m not saying that Astaxanthin works overnight. This is a natural product and the effects I mentioned above (all of which are clinically validated) take time to manifest. Some consumers will feel it start to work in two weeks or less, but the majority of people won’t feel significant benefits for four to six weeks. And less frequently, it may take over two months before it really starts to kick in.


In addition to these noticeable effects, Natural Astaxanthin’s extreme antioxidant activity and its broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory properties also yield several other clinically validated benefits that people don’t necessarily “feel.”

For example, there are demonstrated benefits for cardiovascular health. And you can’t “feel” Astaxanthin protecting you on a cellular level, but it’s one of the most important aspects of an anti-aging supplement. It’s easy to see why Natural Astaxanthin is a must-take supplement for anyone approaching middle age (another appropriate name for it is “The Ultimate Anti-Aging Nutrient”).

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But people in their 20’s and 30’s may seek a different set of benefits from daily Astaxanthin use—improved energy, recovery from exercise, strength, being able to stay in the sun longer without getting burnt — all sorts of things that young adults crave. Basically, there’s no other supplement on the market that can help so many different people in so many diverse ways.

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