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Approximately 20% of the people who take Astaxanthin don’t feel or see any results. This is most likely due to different people’s bodies having a different capacity to absorb carotenoids.

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Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, the family of molecules that Astaxanthin has a variety of benefits for people of all ages includes other health-giving nutrients like lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin and the most famous carotenoid, beta-carotene. When absorption of carotenoids is stud- ied in humans, researchers find a huge disparity in people’s ability to assimilate them. The range is massive—from about 5% to over 90% absorption level.

So what is probably happening when people take Astaxanthin for a few months and don’t feel any benefits is that they are most likely in the very low absorption range. Their bodies may only be absorbing 5% of the Astaxanthin they’re taking, so even if they’re taking 12mg per day (which is generally the upper level recommended by most brands), they aren’t feeling the effects because so little is getting into their bloodstream.

Meanwhile, a person whose body is absorbing at the upper end of the range is getting practically all the Astaxanthin they consume into their bloodstream where it can work its magic. This person could take as little as 2mg – 4mg per day and really feel it working. Fortunately, about 80% of people find great results in the normal dosage range of 4mg – 12mg per day, and without any dangerous side effects or contraindications.


Let’s put this in perspective and compare this safe and natural supple- ment to over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs. Consider the aches and pains we all commonly experience. Most people will run to a pharmacy and grab an OTC pain remedy for day-to-day aches and pains. For more serious painful conditions, many will see a doctor and get a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, or perhaps an opioid or steroid medication. With regard to effectiveness, it appears that Astaxanthin isn’t very different from anti-inflammatory products you find in a drug store. Most of those don’t work for 100% of the people 100% of the time either.

There are two key differences between Natural Astaxanthin and OTC and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs:

• Natural Astaxanthin takes much longer to work than anti-inflammatory drugs.
• However, Natural Astaxanthin is completely safe and natural with no documented side effects or contraindications, while all of the drugs have potential side effects (some of which are serious or even life-threatening).

So, what would you choose?

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