Sonic Sonny is back 🙋🏻- Refinding the Love of Home, Heart & Humanity

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Hello Lovely Steemster followers - I'm sorry for the absence and hoping I still have some followers left.

Currently in West London and wanted to restart with a mini update.

After returning from India which was great at first and wonderful to be home. Time passed & I found it tough and feelings of disorientation set in. It's taken months to re find the love for my local surroundings and almost half a year to readjust.

I witnessed some changes in Town and not all of them positive. I lost faith in my local area and people after witnessing some racist behaviour towards a simple old man going about his business in peace. I then became acutely aware and kept seeing a disrespectful society that was not just race related - it can be as simple as disregard for others by littering our local streets, showing impatientince and finding fault with a service when someone is trying their best or pushing and shoving in a queue. I lost faith in humanity. I couldn't shift this from my mind & it slowed and got me down - I retreated from all I love and wallowed and hibernated.


BUT THE GOOD NEWS - At the end of June my faith was renewed that my belief that most people in the world and local area are good honest people and will do their best to help - and the bad eggs are way way fewer :)

Since end June I have lost and misplaced 3 things all of them have a great story & against the odds with wonderful people they have found their way back to me - I will be sharing these stories.
From the first lost and found episode I have rediscovered my own positivity in Home, Heart And Humanity.

I have always been an advocator that passing and sharing goodness forward is the way forward and I'm pleased to say that still stands and the dark shadow of a few unkind people out there can be diluted and won over.


See you soon
Sonic Sonny 💁🏻