Confusion can be confrirmed by expreiment...

in #life3 years ago

If you are confused in every sector of life. If you are not sure in your beliefs.Congratulation.You are a intellectual man. The one who can not be certain at anything at least he can assume of everything and there will have an opportunity to do experiment. Let's see how!

We all know there are 2 types of class.
One is theoretical another is practical. Why?Because in proper education there is no belief, there is only fact and reality.

But in life we only follow the theoretical classes not practical classes. Even we don't attend the practical classes. We always follow the path that was followed by others. We never judge the path that is it right for us or not. Individually every individual is an individual. If we all know it then why we follow others!If want to know thyself,want to know what is the purpose of me then put a( ?) after all of your beliefs. Be scientist and apply beliefs one by one in your life and monitoring the consequences.You will find all your beliefs are not remain in just beliefs. They will be your experiences and you could choose a better experiences among them. Next what? Again become a scientist and put a question mark to this experience and monitoring the consequences. Remember ,all life is experiment and each experiment ends confusion . In this way what will you achieve that will be your experience.


What you read that is your belief or experience? If you want to get a hint from me to know the answer then i will tell you,put a (?) after what you read.

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