Good Habit vs Bad Habit

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Habit is an activity that is done repeatedly without using conscious mind. Our brain is very lazy. It always seeks a shortcut way to do a thing. At the beginning which work is hard, The same work become so easy after doing it some time.Because our brain makes a shortcut link among the neurons to do the job with the most minimum expenditure of the energy. That's way a proverb comes,' practice makes a man perfect'.Now,let's see. What is good and bad habit.


There are so many good habits and bad habits that you have already known. But if you read my other articles then you have already known i always like to go depth. Let's imagine, Every morning you drink a cup of tea pr coffee. It makes you active to do the work but one day you miss your morning coffee and start to feel so dull and less productive to your work. Beside who don't drink coffee in the morning or drink occasionally, He can pass the day like other day if he even miss the coffee. Definitely drinking tea or coffee is good habit. But when it become your need of you are dependent on it. This habit will be your bad habit. it's a simple example. There are lot of sectors which are more dangerous. Habit is just habit. when we control it,it's good but when it control us,it becomes bad. This simple formula also acceptable in drugs. Yes, Sherlock used drugs when he had to active his brain but when he found a tricky case he didn't even think are taking drug. He didn't need that. He could control that habit. Actually habit is not that which you do perfectly. it is such a activity which you like to do and when you see you don't want to do but you can not but do. Then remember this habit turns into bad and it is liked to be done you.


So, here is the fundamental difference between a good habit and bad. Remember, All habits are good until these will turn into bad.

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building good habits is the best way for people to make a difference in the world. It is in self change that we will find peace on earth.

Absolutely right. Firstly we have to make change about ourselves. Build a small pieces of good habit will effect in our daily life and that will bring a huge change in our society.
Thank you your nice opinion