Should 'waiting' be a synonym of'patience'?

in #life3 years ago

Everyday we have to wait for anyone or anything. If we wait everyday then why we have doubts that we are impatience? Let's find out...


waiting is an activity and patience is a quality. If we observe we can see we are waiting only there where have the surely to get what we want.e.g. When we wait for someone, We know or believe in ourselves, that person must be come where in we are waiting. In waiting we only imagine, Don't do anything. In my personal opinion i think waiting is an activity to maintain the inactive mentality. That's why waiting is so painful and boring. On the other hand, Patience is something beyond of waiting. When we do something,Always want to get feedback of that immediately. But we have to understand that life is not a computer software and that's why we wait for the feedback and keep doing the thing. We can't get six pack just exercising for 1 week. We have to wait and keep doing almost all we wait for the result and keep doing exercise around 2-3 weeks hardly and become bored Why? Because we are not become patience.We are just waiting. Then what is patience !!Repeat the paragraph. Life is not a computer software when we understand this without any doubt then we can be only focused on exercise not feedback. This understanding is the patience. In short line patience is an understanding of karma and life. If we enjoy our karma not seek the feedback then we can found patience and fortunately in patience we have not be waited for anyone or anything.

Now tell thyself. Are you just waiting for good feedback or want to find the patience.
Be patient...