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RE: Is The World Becoming More Violent?

in #life5 years ago

What I am thinking is that the world is more connected these days than ever before with social media and things of that sort... The world is more connected and every bad news or good news can be received instantly.... just my thoughts. Let's all make a world a better place :)


Valid point. Almost every phone can make videos now a days and with the internet it spreads really fast to people who are looking for it. This creates an image that the world is on fire but random acts of kindness are also seen this way. It depends on the propaganda that coverment's want to feed us. Social media connect us indeed so that misleading information can be exposed. Change starts with ourself first, be an example or better an inspiration for others. At least that's what I do.

Absolutely agree and what are your mainstream media people telling you? And, do you see social media being regulated in the area of free speech to redirect the media desired narrative? Trust your own intuition.

yes i definitely agree

You the man @Trafalgar ... keep up the awesome posts!

Connectivity certainly does accelerate the process of knowledge. I think we all need to bring the hippie out in us and start Peace Rallies. LOL

I agree with you haha

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