How my parent's house almost exploded

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It's a bit late for this as more than a week has gone by... well literally the incident was on Father's day june 16th. We picked my parents up at 2 PM ish and went to our place to have lunch, get together with the kids and have a good time, which we usually do on sundays at their house. I have to say this, luckily neither my parents nor my children were there and yeah, maybe if they were they would've noticed right away but the truth and actual facts is that this wasn't a possibility, so we ended up getting back to their place probably 2 hrs after it all went down.


Apparently something big came from a transformer, the big power lines outside the house, and that resulted in their tv, wifi and all of that furniture catching a big fire, which turned into a little bonfire in their bedroom. Needless to say and although the mattresses, which were 3 in that bedroom and all of the rest of things, miraculously didn't continue to light up, almost everything was badly damaged because of the smoke. The fire was secluded to a tiny spot in the room but as nobody was around and you coudn't see it from outside, it became a massive and toxic problem to get to in terms of accessing the right room and shutting it down.


When we came back I couldn't believe it, we tried to unsuccesfully reach the source of it and my father in law who is a fireman tried to help us out but, yes, this is a third world country in middle of one of the worst, if not the worst crisis we have had over the last hundred years and no fire department was available. We managed to get a fire extinguisher but without proper equipment we couldn't even get to the source of the smoke that kept pressuring up everything. We had to literally wait over three or four hours for the firemen to get in there and shut it down. And it was bad... I tried to get in there to see what had happened and everything was too dark, and when the thing was still on the black smoke was just too much, it always pushed me outside and my father in law, who had some equipment but not a proper mask, wasn't capable to find the source before the firemen truck with more equipment arrived.


Like I said, thankfully nobody was in there, this was just a massive material loss but we will get over it. I wouldn't be here at all if my children or my parents were harmed in any way. I'm thankful this was something we could wait it out without harming neighbors, or anyone walking by or standing outside. At first I thought it had been our fault for having poor electric plugs and no voltage protectors or regulators but on friday some people were working outside our house on every post and shutting down electricity, and on the day this happened a neighbor's computer also exploded. So that could mean it wasn't just a short circuit but a more powerful charge that started the fire. It was a little table which had the wi-fi and sattelite decoders, router, tv and some stuff under it. The table although little was heavy and all of it was reduced to ashes. Half of the house is now covered in soot, including clothes, 4 mattresses, pillows, and a bunch of toys and stuff like paintings, framed pictures and figures. Part of my tattooing equipment was protected but the cleaning process for everything will be long and of course a lot of things will have to be just thrown away for good.


Between the things I believe will represent a struggle for us there are 1) cleaning and bringing everything back up 2) buying the only good TV my parents had plus the sattelite system, oh and the AC's console 3) mattresses and everything clothing and ornaments related.

My dad's stash of pills/medicines right next to the little bonfire

I'm grateful this was just a sad experience and that I can just suck it up and continue to work hard, for my family and to build everything back up better and stronger! If you want to take a look at some of the photos I took after everything was "over", you can click on this link



Always make sure you have good security systems and a bit of control when you leave your house, especially if you're going for more than a couple hours, the weekend or on a trip!


Dan, te colmaras de milagros, no te preocupes, que estoy seguro que de aquí hay enseñanzas deliciosas para subir mas alto siempre, dejo un reestem lleno de fe de que lo vean todos los witness y te llenen este post de una ayuda para recuperar esos bienes materiales, que menos mal son los unicos que se vieron afectados, me alegra tu actitud ante esta experiencia, tan amarga y compleja emocionalmente para muchos, demuestra un gran control emocional y mental de tu persona, ejemplo a seguir para este tipo de casos, te tendré en cuenta en algún incendio propio, para llevar tu ejemplo de tranquilidad.

Gracias brot! Un abrazo. Y nada de incendios, sólo paciencia y buena actitud con mucha preparación, con buen corazón.


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i think we can help @steamdan with some healin words and spreading the voice, a house on fire it's a hard emotion and he's carrying so well...

Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words. The best of vibes towards everyone.

Hi, @steamdan!

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That's scary! I am glad that the damage was minimal (that is, there is no living beings that suffered) since material loss is terrible but it is something that we can overcome easier than lost lives ! It is important to always check our cabling but I think, this time, it was not something that could have been prevented since the computer of your neighbour was also exploding in the same time!

The photos are really descriptive, and the write up is very vivid, as well. What an event it had been ! From here on, I hope the process of cleaning and recovering will be smooth...

Thank you for taking the time to say this and to show your sympathy, I really appreciate it!

I'm a native spanish speaking person but I try my best everyday to learn how to express myself properly like now, thank you for your encouragement and yes, it has been a rough couple of weeks now but everything will be better as we continue to clean everything up and try to find ways to not feel that overwhelmed with it. It is a learning experience for my family, myself and hopefully for times to come, to be more prepared and aware, although surprises and accidents seem to find their ways around that.

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That must have been quiet an experience.
Where I live firefighters on't come, there is no water around, no taps, I guess they only fight in the centre of the town village.

Before the neighbours could reach us the place will be burned down. I doubt they would come at all not even out of curiosity.

Good to hear everyone is safe and just material damage. I do not envy you cleaning up the place. Might take long before the toxic smell is gone.

Luck and 💕 to all.

Thank you and wow! Having read what you said makes me think we cannot know for sure when an accident could occur, but indeed it's up to us as communities and populations to learn how to be prepared and aware of situations like this. I wouldn't advice on being paranoid about it but forces of nature can be pretty strong, so again it's up to us to become the stronger version of ourselves to adapt and overcome difficulties.

Thank you for your kind words and honest sympathies, hope you are alright as well. I'm very happy and thankful for my family is well and I can only say this was a little misfortune but we are all safe in here. Cheers!

Good to hear you all are safe 💕

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Hola , suerte de que no hay victimas, todo lo material se puede arreglar, suerte y fuerza amigo, saludos!

Muchas gracias por tus palabras, ¡así es! Todo lo material se producirá de nuevo, y todos bien podremos seguir adelante. ¡Salú!

Hey brother....
Hopefully the repairs are going fine.

Just letting you know.... my phone got broken... so l can't access Discord at the moment....

l will check steemlt again in a few days if you have any questions.

Hope all ls well

I can only imagine how heartbreaking this must be for your family. You are so right, items can be replaced but your family cannot. I'm sending lots of strength and power and hope everything is back on track in no time <3

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