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Hello Guys,
I hope you all are doing well :)

Well currently the whole of India has gone festive ! It's Navratri, Durga Puja, Dusherra all at once ! Every year this time India's activities get a massive boost. Numerous people flaunt off their art and talent during this time and other explore them with great enthusiam. This is really an awesome time be in the country and witness all the culture and make a ton of mesmerizing memories.

I too enjoy this time of the year and carve out great memories with loved ones, my mates and family too ! And that happened this year too :) I'm gonna share some amazing creations that were put up to spice up the festivals. You would surely be thrilled to know that all the stuff that you'll be seeing below are temporary stuff and will be taken down once the festival gets over and new themes will be taken next year and structures will be built accordingly.

In India, festivals are having great importance as people over here are too dedicated to the cultures and traditions as well as there beliefs pretty much and that's the same reason for so much of craze regarding these festive seasons and brings out a lot of creativity within the artisans and attracts millions of people, ultimately put India on a global platform.

Here are some shots of the pandals which were graciously decorated with immense dedication and mind blowing creativity.


This is an beautiful idol of Goddess Durga who is considered as the one who defeated the evil. The creation truly deems to be marvelous with great detail. The person you see next to the holy deity is the priest who is gonna perform the necessary rituals.


The shot you see above displays great skills as you can see by yourself, the wooden beads have been so precise that it has gained such a beautiful and realistic design.


This is another idol of Goddess Durga and this one too is absolutely remarkable, everything looks so perfectly done right from the detailed creation, the lightings and everything that surrounds.


Here's another beauty, the kinda stuff which this one brings up is really very soothing and easily worth being in the list to remember !



Well these were some of the amazing stuff I witnessed in the last couple of days, I'm gonna bring in more such photographs and would like to hear from you guys about them :) These festivals are what has been the reason for making India for what it is famous for, the UNITY that we have found in our massive DIVERSITY. For sure, India is easily one of the most diverse nations but we also have the tag of being UNITED which has become possible of these kinda moments in our lives which lift all those diversities and we spend time together, valuing the things that are worth valuing and building even stronger relationships !


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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