Let's Upvote This Post and Take the Profit from It - I am inviting all steemit users to upvote, resteem and comment this post and the earning I will share with all of you !

in #life4 years ago

I have an amazing Idea, let's upvote, resteem and comment this post and share the earned money with all people that upvoted it !

I will write in my next post all people that upvoted this post and when I get the earning I will send them the same amount of steem dollars.

Let's suppose that I will earn 100 steem dollars from this post, and I will have 100 upvotes, so I will send everyone 1 steem dollar !

I don't want to earn money now, I want just a good reputation, let's do it !



Very good idea, I am participating, I hope you will really pay pay people when you recieve money !

I will I promise !

thanks I followed you, let's bring more people here :)

Upvoted, resteemed!

thank you, you are in the list !

Very good initiative. I have joined and done everything as directed.

amazing, I hope the idea will work for us all :)

very good, you are in ! Happy to find more and more people :)

Upvoted resteemd and now anxious to see how this works out.

very good, I will do my best to advertise this post all the 7 days, I hope it will work :)