An Elected Aristocracy Is The Antithesis Of A Real Democracy

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“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”
― Mark Twain


“Intelligent minorities” have decided that it is in their hands that rests the power to choose what’s right for the “irrational” rest of the community. If you’re not part of the exclusive private club governed by the rich and corrupted, your opinion is as good as garbage.

Yet somehow, we have blindly come to believe that we live in a democracy and that we possess this thing called freedom. Freedom to behave in the defined parameters of the system. Doesn’t that cancel our supposed free will altogether? How about we quit our jobs tomorrow without having a safety net, I wonder for how long we’d feel oh so fucking free. Free to escape to the streets, because heck, there’s not a lot of places to go outside of this system.

Apparently, administering power to a handful of people and having them take decisions that impact millions is considered “democratic”, at least according to the conventional bs of society. Fuck me sideways if I’m incorrect, but this is pure fuckery. The agenda of an elite isn’t a one size fits all, it’s only fitting for the privileged that are bathing in riches and greed.


Lol well people think if you vote it means democracy but what’s the point if all the candidates are the same? They just shuffle the pack and then deal out the same cards in different ways and the public eat that shit up

'They just shuffle the pack and then deal out the same cards in different ways'

The best quote i've read in weeks, to explain the whole situation ...

Lol thanks, every so often I have my moments

lol I am with you on this.
What i find really odd is that not many people see it.
Until recently, even here the top twenty witnesses were selected by the ninja miners and making decisions that would provide themselves with all the benefits and most people are completely oblivious to it.

Very happy to have found you

Aw! @asimpleman your message means so much to me! Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you resonate with me on that:) xoxo

Other people do as well but fear always makes the heard run in the wrong direction.
I liked the you dealt with that spat with Justien or whatever her mane is, do you who i am thinking of?