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You are so so so so so so so lucky you escaped a terrible event!!!!

Last weekend, I had a pretty scary experience.

I was at a house party, hosted by a friend of my boyfriend, and I got real drunk, so much so that I was puking.

My boyfriend had gone on a pizza and beer run, so I texted him that I wasn't feeling well, and I was going home.

I called an Uber and went to wait outside. When I was there, a guy from my boyfriend's work who had been kinda creeping on me at the party offered me a ride, and I said no, because I had an Uber on the way.

He was somewhat drunk, but way less drunk than I was, it seemed.

He tried to insist, saying that he was leaving and I could crash at his place, and I felt pretty sketched out by how he said it, and I said again that I was going home.

He said something about not trusting I'd get home safe in the Uber, and started manhandling me into his car while I kept saying "No, I wanna go home." I was too drunk to stand on my own, and I couldn't stop him.

He started driving, and got on the highway. I knew he wasn't taking me home, I lived in the neighborhood, not far enough to need to take the highway. I kept asking him to turn around, I didn't want to go to his place, I wanted to go home. I don't know how well I articulated that, I was sloppy drunk.

I started to panic because I didn't know where this guy who had come across as a creep at the party was taking me. I knew I needed to get out but he wouldn't say anything when I asked him to take me back.

So I plugged in my seatbelt, which hadn't been on, and waited till he wasn't paying me much attention. Then, real quick, I pressed the release button on his seatbelt, and pulled the emergency brake.

He lost control of the car, and swerved onto the shoulder, then into a barrier. He lost consciousness in the collision, and I called 911. They took him away in an ambulance, and he is now hospitalized. I've got relatively minor injuries.

Since then, I've consulted a lawyer and made a police report about the event. But the legal issue isn't what I'm here for advice about, it's my boyfriend.

The guy who dragged me into his car is one of my boyfriend's co-workers. And my boyfriend thinks that what I did was crazy. When we were arguing about it, he even expressed doubt that his co-worker had "bad intentions" when he dragged me into his car against my will, and wouldn't let me out or take me home.

I'm under a lot of stress, just because of the legal side of things (There were no witnesses to me being dragged into the car) and it's really upsetting to have my boyfriend treating me like I was crazy to have panicked about being fucking kidnaped.

My boyfriend said that he knows his co-worker, and doesn't think the guy is a creep. And he questioned how I could remember things so well, and trust my own judgement of the situation, when I was very drunk. I got so stressed about not being believed that I told him to leave and give me space to deal with things.

We haven't talked for a couple days.

I know I need to talk to my boyfriend, but I don't know if I can deal with it right now. Am I being too optimistic to hope he could be supportive of me over his co-worker?

TLDR - A coworker of my boyfriend's took me in his car against my will, and I caused a crash so I could get away. My boyfriend doesn't believe things happend how I said. I'm really freaking out without his support.

It's almost like your bf doesn't believe that ...

  • You remember things very well for a drunk person!!!
  • You exercise good judgment when your very very drunk!!!
  • Your claim about the guy, who your bf works with!!!
  • You actually planned a good idea for stopping the bad guy while you were very very drunk!!!

Why doesn't ur bf believe you? I'm at a loss here and he's not being supportive of you.

You say in ur comments:

The co-worker is claiming he didn't know whre I lived, and I was too drunk to tell him, so he was trying to take me to his house where I could sleep on the sofa. he was worried by seeing me on my hands and knees on the ground, looking like I was close to passing out in the cold.
I don't believe that, but he's not denying he was taking me to his house, even to the cops

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