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Woah - what to do when he says no! Say it isn't so, say it isn't so, say it isn't so!!!

I have only been in a formal relationship once, from 17 to 20. Since then, I just never clicked with anyone and focused on myself. I had several different FWBs - actual male friends, we'd meet to watch a game or smoke and gossip and then casually have sex. And I had booty calls I guess you'd call them, where we just met for sex. Honestly I am not a very sexual person, so getting laid through this system once a month or two was enough for me. Five months ago I met this guy, thinking he'd be another FWB or hook up. It was different from the beginning - he awoke something sexual in me as suddenly I craved him all the time and couldn't stop thinking about sex with him. (I ... think they provide alternative views and that can be a bonus sometimes, which is why I may upvote 1 or 2 posts [a day on an occasion], but people should be very cautious ... Everyone pretends they can handle a decline, yet based on everyone's attention, this seems false. The large steemit account is powering down and take one look at the steem balance: 65,962,371.394 steem. [Now: 44,112,528.690 steem. Well-timed sir!!! 21 mil-mil!!!]) We shared some pretty private stuff and held each other through many nights reassuring that everything will be okay. When I was struggling with a class he spent an entire day going through the assignments with me. I hand made him a bunch of presents that he proudly displays around his apartment. We'd casually talk about what we'd expect from a partner in a committed relationship and happily point out how similar our expectations sounded. "I've never met a girl like you. I can't believe I won the lottery and met you." Etc etc. Well, it turns out I totally misread all the signs. He said I am great, but he doesn't think of me in the relationship way. Said he isn't even sure he's ready for a relationship with anyone but if he did, he doesn't think it would be with me. Said he had had some fleeting thoughts of dating me in the beginning but they have long disappeared and he enjoys our existing set up but can't give me more.

My view:

  • If he says no, stop. Don't push people beyond their limits. This goes for everyone.
  • Why is he saying no? Did you do something? Has he changed? Is the relationship coming to an end?
  • If it continues, you may have to find someone else.

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