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Tuoch me baby one more time!

I know there are women out there who don't like being groped by their husbands, but somehow I'm the opposite - I feel incredibly jealous when I'm with my friends and I see their partners walk by, casually slapping them on the bum, etc. I don't tend to immediately feel like it's disrespectful if it's from a partner.
Unfortunately my husband isn't into that at all - we'll cuddle if we're on the couch together watching TV, things like that, but he never snatches random kisses, random gropes, the kind of stuff that would make me feel like he just generally appreciates me on a physical level without it leading to sex on the spot. I have zero problems with PDA. How do I get him to do stuff like this?
TLDR: I desperately wish my husband would feel me up on occasion just around the house. submitted 2 days ago by want_love

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Let him read a copy of FSOG!!! :)

  • Lead by example and show him that you love it.
  • Buy somethin that makes him want you soooooo bad. By now, you should know his weakness.
  • Get some handcuffs or a whip and tell him you want something gentle. This slowly builds it up!

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this is an interesting post, I like it :)

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