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What. The. Heck.

So basically this happened last week. Trip was a very spur of the moment thing and we agreed that "Bob" would pay for the plane tickets, I would pay for the hotel. But since we booked them so last minute there was no time for a refund.
So day comes to leave and it was one of those things where flight is delayed 15 minutes, then an hour then 2 hours and so on. We didn't have a connection so I figured just relax and we'll get there. Bob went to the bar and started pounding them back. I think his tab was over $150 by the time he was actually cut off and he was getting belligerent.
Finally we boarded but he was making snide comments to everyone from the man at the gate, to other passengers to the flight attendant. We got sat and the flight attendant asked him to settle down several times and I could tell she was not happy about dealing with him. So the door closed and he screamed out "your airline fucking sucks!" That was it, they turned the plane off, opened the door and security came and got him. First everyone booed at yet another delay The entire plane erupted in cheers when they took him off. The flight attendant asked me what I wanted to do and I thought for a split second and said I'm staying she asked if I'd had anything to drink, I said no. She's asked if I'd like complimentary champagne after putting up with him. I said that would be lovely.
So when I landed and when my phone got service. I had probably 300 texts from him. They started off really aggressive, the apologetic, I didn't text back. I checked into the room and went to sleep. In the morning I got a message that he had tried all night but he couldn't get another flight as it was just too expensive. I said sorry, he said you're not staying are you. I said I can't see any reason I should not stay, I'd have to pay a ton to change my flight and I can't get my money back for the hotel. He called me selfish, I said whatever and he continued to blow up my phone which I ignored for the next 5 days.
I had an amazing time, I met some great guys and new friends and I ended up meeting a married couple in thier 30s who will probably be some of my best friends forever.
So the trip was over and I figured I'd just uber home from the airport but it turns out Bob was waiting for me. He made a huge scene at the edge of security talking about "you don't get to fly to Mexico on my dime to suck every Panchos d!ck" I told him I didn't appreciate him ambushing me like this and if it wasn't clear from before, then I'm making it clear now...I never wanted to see him again. He followed me out to the ride share curb screaming the whole way "you owe me for the ticket c)nt!" I said not a chance and thank god my ride was there and I left.
So now he's blowing up my Facebook, even going so far as to contact my mom. I called and said I felt I didn't owe him for the ticket because he's the one who got kicked off for being an ass. He said that he bought my ticket at part of a package where he'd get the benefit of the room and vacation that I was paying for. I said he should have thought about that before drinking 13 drinks before getting on a plane. He said he was contacting a lawyer, I said go ahead, no doubt there's phone footage out there of him screaming on the plane and getting dragged off, that will look great for his career. He called me a c)nt again and hung up.
My mom thinks I should just pay him back to get him to go away. I say no, that he made his bed and If I hadn't gone, I would have been out that almost $1500 I paid for the all inclusive hotel and then I'd have to count on him to make it right with me.
tl:dr: guy I was dating got kicked off flight to Mexico, I went anyways. He wants me to pay him back for the ticket. Had I not gone I would have lost the money I paid for the hotel. He's acted like a total jerk since and it's made me not want to pay him back at all.

I feel you shouldn't worry, unless he can make a legal case against you. If there's some law that says he would have been refunded had you not gone on the flight and trip, I don't think he has a case. The law would have to basically say if he gets kicked off a flight, he gets a refund, but because you stayed on the flight, you prevented a refund. Does that law exist? Not sure, but that may be the only legal issue that could cause you trouble.

Personally, I feel your mom has a point. This guy has a temper and how far will he take this? Your mom is telling you to just let this go because if he's this nasty as a person, he may go after you in a way you haven't imagined. I feel if he's this angry and nasty of a person, what will stop him from cooling his temper before he harms someone? He embarrassed you and you had fun, but he's also a hothead who may get really nasty. Your mom is trying to protect you by saying, "Give him his money so he can't hold that against you" and then you can communicate, "Here's your money, but you really embarrassed me and I learned a lot about the kind of person you are." The breakup is implied.

Of course, you could just keep the trip without paying him a dime. As long as he does nothing, you walked away winning. I feel he's not the guy I would test this with.

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