Royal Bengal Tiger From Sundarban, Bangladesh

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The Royal Bengal tiger could be a Panthera tigris tigris population within the Indian subcontinent. it had been treated because the nominate tiger taxon before 2017. This tiger population was calculable at fewer than two thousand five hundred individuals by 2011. Since 2008, it's listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List and is vulnerable by loss, threatened by poaching and fragmentation of surroundings. None of the Tiger Conservation Landscapes at intervals its vary is taken into account giant enough to support an efficient population of over 250 adult individuals. Bengal tiger population was calculable at 1706–1909 individuals in 2010. By 2014 - the population had seemingly exaggerated to associate calculated 2226 individuals. Around 440 tigers calculated in Bangladesh, 163–253 tigers in Nepal and 103 tigers in Bhutan area.


The tiger arrived within the Indian landmass concerning twelve thousand years ago. The tiger ranks among the most important big wild cats alive nowadays. it's thought of to belong to the world's magnetic megafauna.


The tiger is that the national animal of each Bangladesh and India. it's additionally referred to as the Royal Bengal Tiger.

source: Wikipedia