UFOs collapsed in Antarctica.

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There is no end to the imagination of the people in the imagination of vinagrahis. It has been going on since long ago. Many believe that vincible animals have been traveling around the world for many years! Recently, the people have been singing again with a picture in Google Earth.

According to reports published in All India Media, an unknown object was found in Google Arctic in Antarctica. It is said that the Vinnhider's spaceship, which broke into control, was broken on the secluded snow-covered chest.

A remote area in South Georgia A few people live there That photo was caught in the same area. In the meantime the film has started.

But there are many who are left with the principle of 'go to vinapparas' theory. According to them, it can be a chipped stone that comes out of the ice body. From a distance it seems to be a UFO.


hom that really deep place

ok,thanks bathair.

whose guys like your blogs


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