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Hello guys,how are u all? do u heard about hodgkin and nonhodgkin lymphomas?
Both are lymphoid malignant tumours only..
But how will u differentiate both of them?
There are some characteristics or features that will differentiate these two...
But there is one which will differentiate them..
That is afyer bone marrow biopsy and on histological examination,
Presence of "REED-STERNBERG CELLS" in it indicates hodgin's lypmhoma and we cannot see them in Non-hodgkin's lymphoma..
This is how they look like....

Reed-sternberg cells are pathognomic for hodgkin's lymphoma and u will find it in this only and u cannot see them anywhere else..
How they look like?
Reed sternberg cells has 2 large nuclei in it in which 2 nucleoli are present in nuclei and halo spaces are around each nucleoli..
So they look like "owl's eyes"...

Another unusual characteristic for hodgkin lymphoma is if he drinks alcohol he will get pain at the site of involved lymph node... but this feature is not see in non hodgkin's lypmhoma...

But non-hodgkin lymphoma is more common than hodgkin lymphoma...
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