Height does matter

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Hello steemians,how are u all? I am doing well and hope same from u too.
I am making this post to share my feelings that i had in my life wait not only in my life but ppl like me who are short.
Do u think height doesn't matter?
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Everyone has their own opinion and like that i too have my opinion on that.
I can damn sure say that height does matter and i will give my explanation for that.

I am a boy and i am 5'1 feet i.e, 153 cms. My parents also short my mother is 4'11 and my father is 5'2.so i think genes is the reason behind for my short vertical height.my grandfather was a tall man with 5'9 feet but i didn't get his genes.
This is one of the reason i felt sad bcz i don't have power to control genes they just inherited from my parents.

Since from childhood i was shorter when compared to my school friends.my age is similar to them but my height was not....
When i was studying in kindergarten (L.K.G) i am the one who is shorter so my teacher keeps in front of the row during assembly or programmes etc.... During that time i felt very happy bcz i thought i was 1st in row and i was leading my class but i don't know that i got reservation to stand front of the row bcz of my height😟😟
Everyone point out me if anyone asks who is shortest in your class? It made me embarassing.
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One day my P.E.T sir wants to divide to play games.He separated some of my tall friends to play for volleyball and some who are huge for kabaddi and some to basketball like that. I was not even in a group with my friends after that.i was standing separately just as a oddman out from them bcz i am not fit for any game.i like volleyball so much but i was not in that club due to my short height. Here does height matter or not????

Basketball,volleyball,badminton etc.... many games that i missed to play bcz of my height.now i play volleyball only bcz i like it very much and i will play center position or defender position.
May be it looks like childhish things and funny things wile reading to u but if u are in my place u will understand my feeling.
I was the shortest one in my class during all classes that i passed in school.now i am a doctor and i am the shortest one in my college.my no.1 position not get shuttered i maintained for about 20 years very well😟😟

I already said this is bcz of genes that no one has control on it.so i won't think about it and but i thought if we take good and healthy food with regular exercise during childhood upto teenage we can grow atleast near to expectations.

I was born in a poor family my father is doing a small job and he gets a little amount of salary and my mother is housewife and she is a tailor.we had a house where kitchen,bedroom,bathroom are in a same room that means we had only one room where we divided it without any walls but with imaginary lines as walls and placed things according to it😑😑 we are that much poor😟🤷 so my parents provided food for me and my sister as much as they can by their earnings and my stomach got satisfied with that but i don't know that we have take nutritious food for healthy life and physical appearanace.
I am feeling very sad bcz i have to live as short forever in my life.i can only manage horizontal size but i can't manage vertical size as epiphyseal Platebecame epiphyseal line in my bones.
Due to my height everyone thought me as small doctor and while i want to learn to drive a bike my legs are hanging and my feet are not touching the ground,i wear pants where i will get perfect waist fit and there is lot of extra cloth covering my feet ,some huge and tall ppl dominated on me....like this many are there but i am specifying some.
And the last i felt very very sad and embarrassing is 70% girls in my class are taller than me.if i stand besides them i have make my head at 120 degrees to see them. I lolike a girl very much but she is taller than me.....may be it looks like embarassing for that girl to like a short boy but she has freedom and she has her own opinion....

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Does height matter to love a tall girl????
Everyday i pray to God asking him for my height growth..... I think bcz of my height only i am loosing her but i love her so much.
One day i will ask God about it whether height does matter or not? I never heard height does matter in Bible.
If God says height does matter on that day my heart will get crushed and shuttered......
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Whenever some one mocks me about my height i get very angry first next i felt very sad and speak to myself " yes i am short only,he said truth only about me "
Daily i am feeling bad about this and i pray to everyone plz don't mock me about my physical appearance bcz i have only one life as you have i don't know when i die may be early or late it is in God's hands i am not one who made myself but God created me like this and don't forget God's creation is always beautiful.

Your valuable opinions on my post are highly appreciated.
Thanks for reading,
Yours @summisimeon