Sorry... could not do the Indian pollution beliefs post I promised.

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Sorry @bubke, I could not do the post. I was pretty disturbed today as someone stole my phone and a bundle of cash from crowded Delhi today. All the data and pictures from my travels gone!

Another aspect of life in India - high crime rate in big cities. :)

I will try and do the post tomorrow.

Thanks for your support @bubke!


That sucks bro.

I don't know what I would do if my Phone got Stolen.

Yes bro... And luckily I had jotted down my bittrex back up code. Otherwise it would have been hell of a problem. Pretty calm today after the turbulence yesterday.

So sorry to hear that...

The morning meditation has helped me calm down. So, it's a lot better now. :)

Oh ghosh, did you have that code to permanently disable your phone as that will not allow that person to also use the phone.

Yes, I have it. I am writing an email now to the company and also to the police. I think the thug's primary motivation was the money and not the phone. He also threw my ID card, which I found later.