Take is easy (policy)...

in #life3 years ago (edited)


Life often brings many surprises - good and bad. And 'small' events could change the entire course of our future.

Me and our family's well-being, all plans ahead would depend on a 'tiny report' we'll collect from a lab tomorrow.

Yes, I'm talking about sister's biopsy.

I am taking it easy and made her laugh several times today. We watched a romantic movie together today with my 'naughty' running commentary. :D

I have purchased all the images and I have the rights to use them commercially. (Photo source: https://getstencil.com/?tap_a=9103-1801f8&tap_s=200974-3b53a9 )


Thanks dear!

Prayers are with you.
Hopefully life treats you well.

Thank you for your kind wishes. :)

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