'Touch it once' - the key to productivity and success in life.

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The principle refers to doing things right away as soon as you have a task at hand.


It could include menial work like cleaning your living room to email correspondence and scheduling meetings. So, you decide on the spot what to do with it instead of procrastinating. Then there are some time wasters we really need to kick them out of our lives. A few prominent ones are:

  • Replying to emails where you were copied.
  • Attending all meetings.
  • Reacting onto every facebook wall post.


And yes, delegating can work wonders!

By the way, I did a 'rough application' of the principle for the time I spend on Steemit... Now it hardly takes me five minutes to do a post here. And may be less than fifteen minutes a day on the platform. That's a hell of PRECIOUS TIME saved!

Try it in your own lives and see the difference. :) Good luck!

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there are so many time wasters in life! social platforms and social webs are just time killers, you're right
but in the case of Steemit it's time for pleasure and profit, isn't it?)

of course, there are exceptions everywhere and steemit is one!